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A New “My Videos” Page

Megan Etzel


There’s clearly been a lot of changes going on with Animoto, and one of our personal favorites is a revamped “My Videos” page.

Now, instead of having to scroll through all of your rendered videos and started projects, your videos are neatly grouped by project.

Animoto My Videos Page


From here, you can click on “Edit Project” and edit, remix, rename, or delete your project to your heart’s content. All of the videos rendered from your edits or remixes will simply be listed in chronological order under that project.

My Animoto Projects


It’s not just the projects you can play with from this screen. When your video is rendered, you’ll be able to see a green “Actions” button appear to the right. Click on that, and you’ll be able to upgrade, download, share, export, embed, rename, or delete that video. If you were familiar with our previous layout, it’s very similar to having the Video Toolbox available without having to go into the video.

Video Actions

Have a favorite version? Click the heart so that you remember it’s a good one.

Favorite Your Video

You can always just click on the title of the video to be taken to the video’s player page, which also has a shiny new look to it.


So, you’ve watched your video – now what?

Animoto Video Player

From this page, like the one before it, you can upgrade, download, share, export or embed your video. Click on “Tools” to see options for deleting that video, or editing/remixing that project. To upgrade your video, click on the far-left button, where you can upgrade your video to 720p (HD) or 480p (formerly known as our “hi-res” upgrade). Click on “download videos” to get the option to download an MP4 or an ISO of your video.

Video Resolution Options and Upgrades

Excited about our new changes? See how your videos look with our new layout!