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How to Design Eye-Catching Text in Animoto

Madison Fraitag


The design of your videos can have a huge impact on your viewers. It can help build brand awareness, it can evoke a certain tone or feeling, and it can help you look professional, credible, and on-trend. That's why we made it easy for you to design eye-catching text right in Animoto.

In this post we'll go over all of the easy-to-use design tools available right at your fingertips, including how and why we recommend you use them.

Catch eyes with color design

Draw your viewers’ attention to important messages with text color customization, giving you the ability to change your font color down to the letter. Changing the color of a single word or phrase in your video can help emphasize your message or important information. Here’s how you can do it in your next video:

Text Color Customization GIF

Choose a bold, contrasting color for your call to action, offer, contact info, or other key points to catch viewers’ eyes, or try stylizing your videos by changing text color letter-by-letter to create a trendy monochrome gradient or bright rainbow effect.

Check out this quick video example of color customization in action.

Take control with multiple text boxes

Creating multiple text boxes gives you full control of how you share your message, from editing and moving your titles and subtitles independently, to creating dynamic layouts to draw your viewers’ eyes across their screens. Check out how you can use multiple text boxes in your own videos:

Multiple Text Boxes GIF

Try adding multiple text boxes to put key points in the forefront, creating a clear hierarchy of information. Help your story look its best in any layout, or get creative by layering your text boxes artistically. You can even create an additional smaller text box for important info, like disclaimers or citations.

Here’s an example of a dynamic layout, complemented by multiple text boxes.

Complement every layout with text rotation

Create visual variety while complementing your layouts with text rotation. Your text can do more than just tell your story, it can be an engaging design element that stops the scroll and helps your videos look and feel on-trend. Take a look at how it’s done:

Text Rotation GIF

Try rotating your text to stylize your layouts, to complement your background images, or to create dynamic layered text that’ll stand out on your viewers’ screens. Stop the scroll on social by rotating multiple boxes to create a stylized frame around your images or clips.

Check out this example of stylized rotated text below.

Justify your text any way, every time

Complement your graphic layouts with manual text justification. Adjust your text with just one click, or choose Auto for intuitive text positioning. The justification of your text can establish balance in your video and complement the composition of your images and clips. Here’s a quick example:

Manual Text Justification GIF

Start by exploring different video styles and previewing all of our media + text layouts, then justify your text to the left, right, or center to best fit your selection. Try justifying your text against the edge of your media to create an aesthetically-pleasing border.

See manual justification in practice in the example below.

Keep text size consistent from block to block

Create text size consistency with numerical font size controls, keeping a cohesive and professional look throughout your video. Sizing your text consistently looks professional and increases the accessibility of your entire video. Here’s how you can resize your text now:

Numeric Text Sizing GIF

We recommend sizing your titles up to grab your audience’s attention, then sizing the rest of your text based on your aspect ratio and the platform on which you plan to share your video. Try to keep your text shorter and smaller for mobile, and leave the longer and larger text for desktop viewing.

Here’s an example of consistently sizing titles and subtitles from block to block.

Personalize your video with custom font upload

Creating videos that match your brand identity is easy with font upload. By uploading and using your business’s custom font or another licensed font consistently in your videos, you can amplify your brand recognition on your website, social media, and beyond. Even better, it just takes a minute to upload your first font and we’ll store it for you forever.

Exclusive to our Professional Plus plan, font upload allows you to bring the most custom elements of your brand identity to life, keeping your content consistent and on-brand every time. Learn how it’s done in the complete guide to font upload, or follow along with the video tutorial below.

Get dynamic with text styles

Text styles are preset animations that you can apply to the text in your video with just one click, adding a professional design element to grab your viewers’ attention. From bold to basic, text styles can help give your video a distinct look, while also increasing the accessibility of your videos.

text style hover and preview

Text styles offer a high-contrast highlight on your text, added movement to make your videos more engaging, and an artistic flare to help you stand out and stop the scroll on social media. Similar to video styles, there’s a text style included in all of our templates that you can customize to accomplish the look you’re aiming for.

Templates with text design built in

While you can always customize your videos with all of these tools, use the following templates as a shortcut to enhance the text design in your next video.

Annual Sale template

Try out the Annual Sale template to see text color customization in action.

New Real Estate Listing template

The New Real Estate Listing template combines text color customization, text justification, and numerical font sizing to offer a consistent and eye-catching starting point for your video.

Short Question & Answer template

Use the bright color palette built into the Short Question & Answer template, or customize the elements to match your own brand identity.

Brand Awareness Ad template

Get new audiences interested in your company or product with the bold Brand Awareness Ad template, featuring multiple text boxes.

Product Intro Ad template

Catch viewers' eyes with bold and colorful text layouts using multiple text boxes and text rotation in the Product Intro Ad template.

Start creating eye-catching text today

Ready to get creative with your text design? Try out all of these tools on your next video, and check out our tips for adding text to all of your videos.