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6 Small Business Video Ideas with Real Examples

Megan O'Neill


We celebrated Small Business Week with a call for the members of our Facebook group to share their small business videos with us. We were absolutely blown away by the videos that were shared and we’re excited to share them here with you!


We’ve rounded up a collection of real-customer videos, each representing a different small business video idea. You can watch all of them below.

But first, a note about our Facebook group! The Animoto Social Video Marketing Community is a private group where you can share your videos for feedback, get inspired by fellow Animoto customer creations, find tips, ideas, and more. If you’re a member yet, we welcome you to join us.

And now, without further ado, we bring you the video ideas and examples. Enjoy!

Idea #1: Seasonal Promo

Our first idea and video comes from Kelsey Rankin, the Digital Marketing Manager at Studio Style. She created a video leading up to graduation season to promote Studio Style’s line of products related to graduation, including custom printed invite cards, photo folders, diploma frames, mat boards, certificate holders, and more. The video was shared on the Studio Style website as well as on their Facebook page.

A seasonal promotion is a nice way to promote your products or services that are relevant for specific holidays or times of year. For help getting started with your own, you can check out our Seasonal Promotion video template.

Idea #2: Shareworthy Social Video

Our next video idea comes from award winning Realtor Kathy Lewis, who created a shareworthy video to spread brand awareness during Mother’s Day, and let potential clients get to know her values. She posted the video on Facebook and Instagram.

Kathy told us, "I had wanted to do a video for Mother's Day that I thought would provoke some thought and had meaning and a message. Regardless of whether it was a Mother's Day video, birthday, anniversary, Father's Day or any other day, most of us prefer to spend time with those we love and care for. Physical gifts are fine, but I believe that most of us want the same things from our relationships... quality time with our loved ones. I wanted to show my customers and sphere that I value these things as a person."

Idea #3: Content Teaser

Video can be a nice tool for promoting new content on your website. Professional organizer and coach, Linda Samuels, shares teaser videos to promote the new content on her blog. "I make a new teaser video each week," she tells us. "I always share the video on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube."

This example was used to promote an interview post featuring Felice Cohen, author, organizer and speaker. The post is part of Linda’s Ask the Expert series.

Need a little help getting started? Check out our Blog Teaser template or our Content Teaser template.

Idea #4: Facebook Cover Video

You can also create a Facebook video cover to spruce up your Facebook page and give it personality. Kathy Lewis, who’s featured in the second video idea in this post, created a Facebook cover video for her Facebook page using Animoto. You can watch the full video here.


Taa Dixon of 720media also created a Facebook cover video with Animoto, which you can view in full here. We love Taa's video because it does a great job of showcasing her personality. As a small business owner, getting in front of the camera and putting yourself out there is a great way to build trust and let potential clients and customers see who you are and what it would be like to work with you.


To get started on your own video like this, check out out our blog post with tips and advice for making your own Facebook cover video with Animoto.

Idea #5: Social Video Ad

This next example also comes from Taa Dixon at 720media. This one is a nice example of a social video ad, featuring Reliable Roofing Systems. The video was shared the week of a spring snowstorm, so it was very relevant. Be sure to listen with the sound on for the fun jingle!

Idea #6: List Video

Last but not least, we've got a fun list video from Kevin Kim of Confident Blues Dance. Kevin sells the company through a lovely, shareable list video about the benefits of dance.

Try our Top 5 List video template if you're interested in creating your own list video.

Do you have a great small business video idea or example? Share it with us in our Facebook group.