3 Event Video Ideas (Plus Eventbrite Templates)

Megan O'Neill


According to Eventbrite’s annual survey, 57 percent of events didn’t use video in 2018. However, of those that did, 94 percent said it was effective. Video can be a highly effective tool for driving interest, registrations, and engagement. In fact, according to our own survey, 93 percent of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media. And the barrier to entry isn’t as high as you may think.

We’ve rounded up 3 ideas (and 1 bonus) for videos you can create for your next event. Plus, we’ve partnered with Eventbrite to bring you templates for each type of event video, designed with results in mind, that you can easy use to create these videos for yourself.

All of the examples below are also templates, so feel free to click on through to make them your own. Drag and drop to add your own photos and video clips, or choose from over 1 million images and video clips in our stock library, add your own text and logo, and you’ll be good to go.

Event Video Idea #1: Ticket Launch

Once you’re event is planned and you’re ready to get the word out, a launch video can help you build awareness and excitement—and drive ticket sales and registrations.

PRO TIP: Kick things off with an eye-catching video clip or photo and text that immediately tells viewers what the video is about—an event they’re going to love is coming!

Event Video Idea #2: Pre-Event Announcement

The pre-event announcement video is a nice way to share new and exciting details that emerge as your event approaches—a new speaker you book, new vendors, or other additions to your lineup and related festivities. These announcements are not only great for drumming up excitement among attendees, but can also entice people who were on the fence to take the leap and register.

PRO TIP: Be consistent with branding (including font and color) across all of your videos so viewers immediately recognize videos related to your event.

Event Video Idea #3: Event Reminder with FAQ

Share an event reminder and be sure to include frequently asked questions to save attendees the time of searching for answers on your website.

PRO TIP: Be sure to include the most-common FAQs up front. These aren’t necessarily the same for every event, so think about what questions you really hear the most often via email, on social media, or in person.

Bonus Idea: Event Recap Video

Just because your event is over doesn’t mean you can’t keep the momentum going! An event recap video can be a fun way to stay top of mind with attendees and let them relive the excitement of the event. Our Year in Review storyboard is designed to recap a full year, but can just as easily be used to recap the highlights of your event.

PRO TIP: Once you’ve shared your event recap video, put your files in a safe spot. Next year, the video clips and photos from your recap can be repurposed to announce your event and start the cycle all over again!

Looking to dive in and learn even more about using video for marketing your events? Eventbrite has put together a tipsheet with everything you need to get started.