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15 Creative Father's Day Video Ideas

Moira West


Video is a great way to show you care on Father’s Day. It lets you share a lifetime of memories with one thoughtful gift. Especially now, when COVID-19 makes it harder to be together, a video gives you a way to be there with Dad, even if you can’t show up in person.

But if you’re not sure where to start with your Father’s Day video, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of 15 simple ideas to help you make a creative, heartfelt video for Dad.

TIP: Looking for more guidance? Check out our post on creating your own Father’s Day video for a step-by-step guide, as well as color scheme and music ideas.

Idea #1: Thank him for being a great dad

Dads do a lot for us! And what better day than Father’s Day to let him know he’s appreciated? It doesn’t take long to make a video thanking him for all he does. Try out our Father’s Day Greeting template if you’d like a good place to start.

Idea #2: Send a video from the kids

If you’ve got younger children, you can help them create their own video for Dad. They can combine photos of themselves together with Dad and add text saying why their father is so important to them. Take a look at our Father’s Day Card template for inspiration and a launching off place for the kids’ video.

Idea #3: Social distancing Father’s Day greeting

Many of us are still social distancing, which may mean not seeing Dad on Father’s Day. So if you are social distancing to keep each other safe, or if Dad is just far away, a video can make the distance seem a little bit smaller.

For instance, our team member Sally Sargood can’t get back to Australia for Father’s Day. She sends her love by creating beautiful videos to share with her dad back home.

Idea #4: Interview the kids

For a sweet video Dad’ll treasure for years to come, sit down the kids for a quick interview. Ask them a few questions about their dad and why they love him. Check out our post on what questions to ask your children for a little inspiration.

If you’re creating a video for your own father, get on camera and tell Dad exactly what you love about him. Share your favorite memories with your father and what he’s meant to you over the years.

Idea #5: Give him a flashback Father’s Day

Dig into those old family photos and give Dad a video full of fond memories. Share the early days of his marriage, moments with the kids and grandkids, and photos that show how special he is. Include images and video clips that make the past feel alive and add text that tells him what an impact he’s had on your life.

Idea #6: Celebrate your significant other

Show appreciation for how much your children’s father does. Find images taken throughout your relationship together, or focus on a few important moments together. The video below was created for Mother’s Day, but it’d be easy to adapt it to Dad. Our Birthday Card template is a good place to start for this type of video.

Idea #7: Tickle his funny bone

If your dad’s a bit of a cornball, appeal to his sense of humor! Create a video full of knock-knock jokes, recite a silly poem, or make a Father’s Day video laced with puns, like the one below.

Looking for a joke so bad it’s good? Our post on Father’s Day quotes has a section on dad jokes and funny Father’s Day quotes that might be right up your alley.

Idea #8: Share a video gift with grandpa

Grandfathers are dads, too! Let them know that their children and grandchildren love them and are thinking of them this Father's Day. If you can’t see your grandfather because he’s social distancing this year, make sure to include extra pictures of the grandkids he’s missing.

Idea #9: Make a video photo album

Give Dad a photo album he can keep on his phone instead of just one or two photos in his wallet. Put together a slideshow featuring photos of him and the kids that he can watch whenever and wherever he likes. You can even make it an ongoing project and share a new video album each month.

Idea #10: Say happy Father’s Day in a Story

If a dad in your life spends a lot of time checking Instagram or Facebook Stories, send some love on his favorite platform. Give him a shout out where all your friends and family can see it on social. Even if you make a short video, it’s enough to let him know you care.

Idea #11: Remember Dad with video

Celebrate your father’s legacy. Begin with our In Memoriam template, shown below. Customize with old photos and video clips to honor the memory of your father. Then share with siblings and other family members who may be missing him this Father’s Day, too.

Idea #12: Honor a father figure

Sometimes fathering comes from more than one place. Recognize the step-fathers, coaches, teachers, and neighbors who’ve been there for you over the years.

Idea #13: Use a quote

If you don’t know what to say, there’s probably someone else who does! Check out our list of Father’s Day quotes to find a funny or heartwarming quotation that’ll work for your video for dad. Then add a Quote block to your video for some extra style.

Idea #14: Give a first-time dad some love

A man’s first Father’s Day is a special event. Honor that important moment with a video looking back over your little one’s life so far and the role Dad has played in it. When you combine photos from the first few days of your baby’s life up to the present day, you’ll give him a touching keepsake he’ll never forget.

Idea #15: Celebrate ALL the dads in your life

Create a quick post that recognizes all the dads you have among your friends and family. Upload their photos into one big collage, and wish them a happy Father’s Day by tagging them in a post on social media.

Ways to add style to your Father's Day video slideshow

There are lots of ways to add a sense of style or fun to your video. Here are a few ideas that’ll help you elevate your video:


Themes are sets of colors, fonts, style combos, and filters, curated by our expert video designers who are always adding new themes that you don’t want to miss! To find one that's just right for dad, select the Design button on the top left of your screen. This is where you’ll find all of our design tools, starting with themes.


Check out Animoto’s “Filter” icon to change up the look of your whole video. Get a retro feel with sepia tones or go for all black and white. Try them all out to find the look you like best.


Look for old home videos and include just a few seconds to add movement to your Father’s Day slideshow. You can also record a few seconds of video for the start or end of your video. A recording of you is much more personal than a title slide introduction, and your video will leave a bigger impact if the final slide Dad sees is your smiling face and kind words.


Don’t just add one photo—put together two, three or more at once to add visual interest to your video.


Use a series of photos to create a fast-paced series of photos that’ll impress your audience. Check out our post on photo bursts to learn how you can add them to your video.

More Father's Day video tips


Not sure how to organize your video? Try thinking chronologically. When you put your photos and video clips in time order, it tells a story. Start from when your father became a dad and bring your video up through the present.

Or mix things up. Put photos together based around themes—trips, school, holidays—and use those themes to organize your video.


Change up the song in your video to match your father’s taste in music. Search our song library by genre or mood to find a tune that works for your video. You can also upload a licensed song from your own music library if you have a particular tune you know Dad likes.


There’s more than one way to share your video with Dad. Email your video on Father’s Day, or if you’ll see dad in person, save your video to a USB drive and wrap it! If you’re social distancing, try sharing your video over a Zoom call or Google Meet. You can also show your video on a TV with a little planning, so he can enjoy it at a Father’s Day party.

Which ideas will you use to create your Father's Day video gift this year? Let us know in the comments!