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Get your fitness business in shape with video marketing.

Animoto Marketing lets you grow your business with shareworthy videos you can create yourself—no experience required.

Drag and drop your way to powerful marketing videos that’ll help your health & fitness business stand out on social media.

Promote your fitness business

Studies show 64% of customers are more likely to buy a service or product online after watching a video about it. So create your own Facebook or Instagram video promo with just a few photos and video clips to better promote your gym or studio’s offers.

Share your gym philosophy

Speak straight to your audience through video, letting them know a little about you, your brand, your philosophy, or your discipline’s health benefits. This type of video helps potential clients know what to expect and how they can get started.

Make a workout tutorial video

Customers will often engage with your social media before they buy, so show them what you have to offer! Create videos to share step-by-step workout tutorials on social media that’ll motivate your audience and attract new clients.

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