Video Ideas

4 Unique Recipe Video Ideas (Plus 8 Video Templates)

Megan O'Neill


Whether you’re interested in posting a recipe on social media, sending a recipe to friends and family, or telling the story behind your favorite dish, video is a great medium for sharing. In this article, we’ve rounded up 7 cooking video ideas, plus 8 customizable video templates you can use to create a cooking video today.


Whether you’ve already got a recipe in mind or are just looking for ideas, we hope you find these examples inspirational. Let’s dive in!

Step-by-step instructional recipe video

The first idea is a step-by-step instructional recipe video. This type of video shows, step by step, how to make your delicious dish. Simply take photos and video clips of the process as you make your meal and pair the shots with text that tell the viewers what to do during each step.

We’ve got two landscape video templates designed just for making videos like this. Simply drop in your own photos and video clips and update the text to match the steps for your recipe. A landscape video of this nature works well for posting on YouTube or embedding in a recipe blog post.

As you can see from our first example, this type of video works especially well for simple recipes. This template includes 5 steps, but feel free to remove or add more steps to suit your recipe.

Our next example simplifies the full step-by-step recipe down to just 3 basic steps. A video like this serves as a nice visual when paired with the full recipe written out with all the details.

Tasty recipe video for social

You’re probably familiar with the Tasty recipe videos, made popular by Buzzfeed. These videos showcase unique and delicious-looking recipes, usually shot from above. And we’ve got a couple templates designed for creating these types of videos too. The first is our Trendy Social Recipe template. If you need help with your setup, check out our blog post on tips for shooting a Tasty-style recipe video.

Our Tabletop Recipe template is also designed for creating this type of video. You’ll notice that both of these templates are square. That’s because square videos take up 78 percent more space in the Facebook News Feed.

Ingredient benefits video

Looking for a unique spin on the traditional recipe video? Learn how to make a cooking video that showcases the "why" behind the different ingredients in your recipe. Are there specific health benefits? Share them along with your instructions.

Our DIY: Beauty Tutorial features a recipe for a hair mask, but you can easily customize it to share an edible recipe as well.

You can also share the benefits of a single ingredient. For instance, turmeric is all the rage these days. Our Wellness Explainer template explains why. If you’re working on a collection of recipes that all use a specific ingredient, try making a video that teaches viewers a little more about that ingredient and why it’s so great.

Recipe history video

Create a fun video about the history of your dish to share along with your recipe. Our Product Story template features the history of the pepperoni roll. Do any of your recipes have an interesting story behind them?

Our Festive Fun Facts template can also be used to share a little bit of the fun history of a dish. This list video features four fun facts about fruitcake.

And once you make your video, please share it with us—we love trying tasty new recipes! Leave a link for us in the comments or share it with us on Instagram or Facebook. Happy video making!