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Using Voice-Over in Animoto: A Complete Guide

Kari Livesay


The human voice can spark emotions, capture attention, and persuade your audience to take action, and now you can add your own voice to your Animoto videos. Our Voice-over feature makes it easy to record and upload high-quality voice-overs, all from Animoto.

In this post, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your voice-overs, including:

Multiple voice-overs, one video

If you’ve been using Voice-over for a while, take a breather (literally) because you can now add multiple voice-over tracks to one video! If you didn’t nail the perfect voice-over in the first take, there’s no need to start back at the beginning. You can now record and upload up to eight voice-over tracks to one video and adjust them until you’ve achieved video perfection.

Multiple Voice-over Tracks

How to add Voice-over

The Voice-over feature is available to Professional and Professional Plus users.

There are two ways to add voice-overs to your videos. You can record your tracks right from your video workspace, or if you already have a voice-over file, you can upload it directly. You can add up to eight voice-overs per video. If you hit the limit or want to swap out a track, you can delete your track by navigating to the “YOUR AUDIO” tab and clicking the trash can icon.

Recording voice-overs

If you’re creating a new video, you can begin by choosing a template or starting from scratch. If you’re adding voice-over to a video you’ve already created, click on the “My Videos” tab, hover your mouse over the video you want to add voice-over to, and click "Continue Editing."

When you record your first voice-over in Animoto, you’ll be asked to give microphone access permissions via a browser pop-up.

How to Record Voice-over

To record your voice-over:

  1. Click on the “Audio” icon at the top of the page to open the audio menu.
  2. Click the microphone button below your video preview.
  3. Click “Record voice-over”. A red button will appear to the left of the voice-over track.
  4. Click the red button. You’ll see a three-second countdown, after which your recording will begin. A preview of your video will play as you record, so you can line up your narration with the video itself.

Once you’ve finished recording, click the play button to preview your video and voice-over track. Reposition your track by dragging it to the left or right, and trim it down with the bumpers on either end of the track.

Uploading voice-overs

There are two ways to upload your pre-recorded voice-over tracks to Animoto.

The first approach follows nearly the same process laid out above.

  1. Click on the “Audio” icon at the top of the page to open the audio menu.
  2. Click the microphone button below your video preview.
  3. Click “Upload voice-over” and select your track.

Make sure your voice-overs are saved in one of the following audio formats: mp3, .m4a, .aac, or .wav.

You can also upload a voice-over track from the “YOUR AUDIO” section of the panel on the left side of your screen. Click the “Upload voice-over” button to find your file.

How to Upload Voice-over

After choosing your file, you can preview your video by clicking the blue play button. Reposition your voice-over tracks by dragging them to the left or right, and trim it down with the bumpers on either end of the track.

When you’re happy with your video and ready to share it, click the export button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Voice-over recording best practices

Now that you know how to add a voice-over to your video, it’s time to start recording. Follow these best practices for high-quality audio that moves your audience.

Draft a script

Whether you’re creating a tutorial on applying winged eyeliner, a product demo showing customers how to most efficiently use your cleaning supplies, or anything in between, you’ll want to know ahead of time what you’re going to say and when you’re going to say it.

Try drafting a script before you record, highlighting key talking points, and keeping in mind what you want to be happening on screen at different points in your narration.

Talk clearly and practice before recording

Practice makes perfect, so make sure to rehearse your script before you start recording. We recommend watching the preview of your video while you record your voice to make sure the voice-over will match up with your project. And don’t worry, you can record and upload multiple voice-over files if you can’t get it perfect on the first take.

Use an external microphone

While the microphone built into your computer may be convenient, it might not always produce the audio quality you’re looking for. It could do the trick for many videos, but you may run into lower volume, thinner sound, and an overabundance of background noise compared to an external microphone. It’s also in a fixed position, meaning the microphone isn’t always where it should be to create the best-sounding results.

With these factors in mind, we recommend utilizing a microphone that’s not built into your computer. The good news is you may not need to buy anything extra. If you have access to a high-quality standalone microphone that’s great, but the mic on your headphones will also give you richer, higher-quality audio.

Record in a space with good acoustics

Where you record matters just as much as what and how you record. Make sure to find a quiet spot with good acoustics to reduce the other sounds around you as much as possible.

Follow the below tips for better acoustics in your recording space. They’re not always necessary, but if you’re noticing ambient noise in your videos, give them a try.

  • Record in a small rectangular room
  • Cover any windows in the room with thick curtains
  • Put a thick piece of foam, a towel or blanket, or a mat at the bottom of the door to keep noise out
  • Hang pictures and paintings on the walls where the most noise comes from
  • Record in a closet – clothes help dampen noise around you
  • In a real pinch, you can put a blanket over your head and create a silent space

Adjust your music volume to complement your voice-over track

The right song with the right words will make all the difference for your audience, but if they can’t hear your voice-over over the music, your best efforts quickly lose impact.

After adding your voice-over tracks, click the play button to preview your video, noting how well you can hear your voice-over. If it’s just how you want it — great! If you can’t hear the voice-over as clearly as you’d like, you can adjust the volume of the music.


To adjust the volume of your background music, click the track and then the volume button. That will allow you to increase or decrease the volume of your song.

Customizing your voice-overs

Once you've uploaded or recorded your voice-over tracks, you may want to make adjustments to better time them to your video.

How to Trim Voice-over

Using the bumpers on either side of your voice-over track, click and drag to adjust the start and end-points of your track.

To reposition your track, click and drag it along the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

How to Listen to Voice-over Track

To listen to just your voice-over after editing it, click the track and then hit the small black play button. To preview the entire video with your voice-over tracks and any music you’ve applied, click the larger blue play button to the left of the timeline.

When you’re ready to share your video, click the export button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Why should you use Voice-over?

Voice-over videos commonly serve a purpose in educational scenarios, internal company communications, across social media and more.

Appeal to multiple learning styles

While some people are visual learners and others are auditory learners, it’s likely most viewers will retain more information from a combination of visual and audio explanations. Including voice-over is especially helpful in e-learning scenarios, offering extra support in the physical absence of an educator.

Capture and keep attention

When sharing company updates, you want to make sure employees and customers pay attention to your message. Instead of sharing a lengthy paragraph or a video with lines and lines of text, utilize voice-over. Communicate your message more effectively by using video to show your message and audio to tell your story.

Increase persuasion

Between the words being spoken and the tone, clarity, and pace in which they’re being spoken, adding audio to your video can invoke the power of persuasion. Hearing someone with a calm and confident voice explain how a product or service helped them solve a problem is far more persuasive than simply reading about it on your screen.

When to use Voice-over

Not only are videos with voice-over entertaining, they also add a sense of humanity to videos and make for easier video consumption, as previously mentioned.

While you can add voice-over tracks to nearly any video, we’ve listed out ten scenarios where they’re especially beneficial.

10 ways to use Voice-over

1. Tutorials

From recipes and workout routines to beauty regimens and style breakdowns, show and tell your audience how to do something you’re an expert at by including a voice-over in your video.

Adding voice-overs will not only make your tutorial easier for your audience to comprehend, but it will also help them get a greater sense of your brand's personality and uniqueness.

2. Explainers

Make sure your message fully resonates with your audience by adding a voice-over to your explainer videos. Whether you’re recapping trending news, communicating the importance of donating to your favorite charity, or helping customers understand the status of today’s real estate market, adding voice-overs can keep them watching longer and increase engagement.

3. Presentations

Make presenting easier by doing most of the heavy-lifting before actually giving your presentation. Once you've created your video and are satisfied with the photos, video clips, music, and text, add your voice-overs. Include information that you would as though you were presenting live.

Use our Educational Presentation template and customize it to fit your subject matter.

4. Internal business

Whether your team is back in the office, remote, or on a hybrid schedule, effectively communicate your message using video. The following templates were made specifically with Voice-over in mind.

Use our Workplace How-To template to answer frequently asked questions and explain workplace processes, or try our Welcome to the Team template to warmly greet new colleagues.

5. Real estate

Time is money, especially for real estate agents. Make the most of both your time and resources by using video to virtually walk multiple clients through homes, simplify a complicated subject matter, and garner interest from prospective buyers with voice-over videos.

Check out our real estate templates: New Real Estate Listing Real Estate Explainer Real Estate Listing Real Estate Service Promo Virtual Real Estate Tour

6. Product demos

You’re proud of your product, and you want to let consumers know how it works and the best way to utilize it. Demo your product by using the Story of Your Product template. Include a video of your product in use, and add in a voice-over that demonstrates your brand personality to connect with your audience.

7. Business

Showcasing your business is another great way to use Voice-over to show your audience the heart at the center of your organization. From sharing more profound aspects of your business like hiring within your community and helping boost the local economy to making the best donuts or fresh-squeezed juice in town, try using our Company Values, About Us, and Local Business Showcase templates to connect with your audience.

8. Product promotion

You want to let consumers know how your product will make their lives easier while also creating a connection with them. Highlight your product or sale by using one of our Product Promotion templates and add in a voice-over that expresses your brand personality. Include emotional elements that relate to your brand like humor, adventure, or intrigue.

9. Service Promotion

Make customers feel like you’re communicating directly to them by adding voice-overs to your service promotion videos. Whether highlighting the power of travel or sharing the impact your photography has made on previous clients, add voice-over to ensure your message resonates with your audience.

10. Tours

Give your audience a sneak peek into your personal or professional life with a video tour. Professionally, walk customers and prospective employees through your office, studio, or other workspace. Personally, take them on a tour of your home, your newly revamped backyard, or even your car.

Use our Behind the Scenes template and include voice-over to avoid using too much text and taking away from the visuals.

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