Add music to video

Select from thousands of licensed tracks, upload your own music, or record it on the spot.

Easily add music to video

Immerse your viewers in a video with music that complements your message. Whether you're creating a video from scratch or your just looking for that finishing touch, Animoto makes it easy to add music to video.


How to add music to video

  1. Choose a template or start from scratch. Templates give you a starting point. If you already have your video, or prefer a completely clean slate, start from scratch.
  2. Add your song from our library of thousands of licensed tracks. If you already have a song, you can also upload it directly to your video.
  3. Preview your video and make any changes to the visuals, text, or audio, including volume adjustments.
  4. Share your video with built-in tools, including downloading, hosted links, and direct social sharing.

Add music and audio to your video

Access a world of licensed songs

Discover the perfect soundtrack for your video from Animoto's vast collection of commercially licensed songs. With thousands of tracks at your fingertips, you're sure to find music that resonates with your video's theme and enhances its impact. Prefer to add a personal touch? Easily upload your own music to give your video a unique sound.

Edit your audio

Trim your music tracks to fit the length of your video, reposition them to align with specific scenes, and adjust the volume to ensure a harmonious balance between your audio and visual content. These editing tools are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to fine-tune your audio with precision, ensuring your video sounds as good as it looks.

Create and edit videos

Animoto has everything you need to create videos, from pre-built templates, to drag and drop editing and sharing tools. Animoto makes it easy for anyone to create their own videos in a matter of minutes.

Do more than add music to video


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