The easy video maker with music

Tell a better story with your soundtrack. Select from Animoto’s song library to add music to your video. Pick from multiple genres and moods to find the song that’s right for your project.

How to add music to a video

Take audiences on an emotional journey by combining music and video together. Animoto’s video maker with music makes it easy to add the right soundtrack to your video.

Step 1

Choose a template and add media

Before you choose a song, start your video by adding images and video footage. You can search for content from our Getty Images stock library or upload your own photos and video clips. Then drag and drop your content right into your project.

Step 2

Pick a song for your video

Every Animoto video comes pre-loaded with a licensed song, though you can change your default song at any time. Upload your own licensed music, or browse our music library, which has thousands of licensed songs. To narrow down you choices, try a simple search or add filters that will let you search by genre, mood, and more. You can preview any song to test it out. Once you find a song you like, a few clicks will add it to your project.

Step 3

Fit the music to your project

As soon as you’ve chosen a song, it’s time to customize it. Trim your music, so it starts right where you want it to. If your song runs longer than the length of your video, the music will start to loop, though you can turn off song looping by turning off the Loop toggle.

Set the mood with your music

See how music adds emotional impact to this video

Music is one of the most powerful tools in the video editing toolbox. It can help to shape how your audience connects with your message and responds to your video. For instance, the video below creates a sense of sadness and urgency with its delicate, sorrowful soundtrack.

Benefits of a video maker with licensed music

Save on music costs

Get professionally recorded music as part of your Animoto subscription. You don’t have to pay extra to make your videos sound amazing.

Transform regular videos

Give your videos a sense of flair. Adding music evokes emotion and encourages viewers to take action.

Edit in minutes

Finalize your video with soundtrack in a matter of minutes. Create content that looks and sounds great, so you can share it quickly.

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