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Valentine’s Day Video Ideas (Plus Templates)

Megan O'Neill


Yes, Valentine’s Day will look different this year, but travel restrictions or social distancing don't have to stop you from connecting with customers and loved ones.

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We’ve put together a collection of eleven Valentine’s Day video ideas that are perfect for sending to your sweetheart, sharing with your family, promoting your business, or just making for fun! They’re sure to impress everyone who views them.

Scroll down to see ‘em all and decide which valentine videos you’ll make for this February 14th.

##Cute valentine ideas for your sweetheart We’ll start with a valentine for your sweetheart. Show how much you care by paying attention to the little details about them. For example, you can try to find ways to include their favorite colors in your project or personalize it with the perfect song for your video.

###1. Share a simple “I love you” Don’t overthink it. Sometimes a simple “I love you” is the perfect gift. Personalize our Video Valentine template shown below by swapping in your own photos and/or video clips. You can also edit the message, including the colors and font, to create something that feels just right for your valentine.

###2. Tell the story of your relationship Take a trip down memory lane and share the story of your relationship. Where, when, and how did you meet? What have you been through together? Relive your love story through video.

##Valentine video ideas for family Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate the non-romantic loves of your life too. Here are some ideas for making Valentine’s Day videos for the whole family. Start by choosing one of your favorite video templates and then customize it for your loved one by swapping in your own photos or video clips!

###3. Make a Valentine for a parent Want to make mom and dad feel good on Valentine’s Day? Show your love and appreciation with a video. Try starting with our Father’s Day Card template for inspiration and include pictures from when you were a baby to really tug at your parents’ heartstrings.

###4. Make a Valentine for a child A personalized valentine video is a fun gift for children of all ages—everyone likes to be reminded that they’re loved! Get started by using our Birthday Card template for inspiration, then explore some fun ways to say you love them. Youngsters will enjoy seeing pictures of themselves, and older children will enjoy reliving family memories through photos and video clips.

###5. Celebrate with a pet Valentine Now obviously your pet would prefer a tasty treat to a video, but for the pet lovers out there, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to share your love for your pet with the world. Choose one of our beautiful slideshow templates and fill it with the cutest photos you’ve got of your dog, cat, hamster, fish—anything goes!—and share it with your friends on social media.

##Valentine video ideas for your business If you’re looking for ideas for marketing your business with video this Valentine’s Day, look no further. It’s easier than you think to connect with your customers from a distance when you use our Valentine’s Day video templates to create your next marketing video.

###6. Create a Valentine’s Day gift guide Your customers are looking for valentine gift ideas for sweethearts, kids, classmates, teachers, and everyone in between. Be a trusted source of advice by putting together a short list of gift ideas, as shown in the Valentine’s Day List template below.

PRO TIP: Use Valentine’s Day-related hashtags to get your video in front of more people, particularly on Instagram and Twitter.

###7. Announce a Valentine’s Day promotion or sale Running a special deal leading up to Valentine’s Day? Share it in a video using our Valentine’s Day Sale template shown below or try one of our templates for promoting yourself on Amazon. This can be posted organically to your followers on social media or run as an ad, targeting potential customers.

PRO TIP: When it comes to seasonal promotions, be sure to start a few weeks in advance. Valentine’s Day may be February 14th, but many consumers are shopping for gifts for their loved ones at the end of January or the very beginning of February.

###8. Show your customers some love On Valentine’s Day, why not show your customers some appreciation with a personalized video greeting posted to your social media accounts? Don’t forget to tag them in your Stories so they can see and share them!

Here’s an example below made by starting with the Simple Valentine’s Day Story template.

##Valentine video ideas just for fun We thought we’d end with a few easy Valentine’s Day videos that you can make just for fun. After all, everyone can use some love and appreciation -- use these thoughtful ideas to make sure that no one is left out!

###9. Show some love for essential workers This Valentine’s Day, share some socially distanced appreciation for essential workers, teachers, and other community heroes. Try starting your project with our Positive Social Post template for inspiration. You can easily swap out the default text in this template for a custom message of your own.

###10. Share a Valentine quote Share a favorite love quote or a collection of your favorite quotes. Start from scratch and add some Quote blocks to your project, or check out our Fun Social Quote template for inspiration. You can easily swap out the default text in this template for your own favorite words.

Looking for some quote inspiration? Check out our list of 30 love quotes to use in your Valentine’s Day videos.

###11. Show some love to your friends

Last but not least, why not create a Valentine video to show some love to your friends? Similar to some of the other ideas in this post, you can share photos and video clips of your memories with friends over the last year, or from all the years you’ve known each other, along with a message of appreciation or funny quip. Share it for Galentine’s Day on February 13th, or any day of the year!

Want to create this video from your iPhone? The Happy Birthday template in our iOS app can actually be customized for Valentine's Day quite easily with just a few taps. Check out our example below.


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