Fun Holiday Video Ideas for Your Business

Kari Livesay


During the holiday season, most people are completely inundated by sales, special offers, and can’t-miss deals. That said, there are limits to the “sell, sell, sell” mentality, and there are plenty of ways to make your presence known for potential customers other than overtly marketing to them.

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In that spirit, these video ideas are all about spreading cheer with festive, brand-awareness-raising videos. Between 60 and 65 percent of adults report being stressed around the holidays, according to Healthline. Earn some goodwill with a video that doesn’t remind them of their shopping or traveling duties.

6 Fun Holiday Video Ideas

We’ve rounded up some ideas for feel-good videos that’ll make for a warm introduction to your brand and will encourage engagement from customers and followers.

1. Simple Holiday Story

Humanize your brand by using Stories to share a behind-the-scenes look at what your business is doing to get ready for the holidays. From hanging colorful lights in-store to showing your team boxing holiday orders, our Simple Holiday Story template is a festive way to share the excitement of the season.

2. Holiday Event Invitation

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to throw a holiday event. Let your customers know how grateful you are for their support by inviting them to an outing that doesn’t revolve around buying or selling. Whether it’s an in-store event with a giveaway and refreshments or an online event with live music, ask them to join using our Holiday Event Invitation.

Bring your video invitation on-brand in seconds using Saved Brands. With Saved Brands, you can apply your brand’s logo, colors, and font to your entire video with just a click. Professional plan users can create one Saved Brand, while Professional Plus users can create multiple Saved Brands, allowing you to easily and efficiently switch between your traditional branding and your holiday branding.

3. Holiday Greeting

Consider this video your virtual holiday card to share with your social audience on the holiday itself. At this point, the shopping window has likely closed. You can settle in and enjoy your holiday and expect your customers to be doing the same. Put a bow on a season well done with a quick and heartfelt holiday greeting.

While the shopping period may be slowing down, your branding should remain strong. Add your own logo and include it as a watermark throughout the entirety of your video when you upgrade to our Professional or Professional Plus plans.

4. Simple Holiday Stop Motion

Show off your creative flair with a Simple Holiday Stop Motion video. It features a super simple stop motion technique that you only need a single image to accomplish. Add a photo of yourself, your colleagues, or your favorite winter scenes for a unique twist on your classic holiday greeting.

In need of some snowy snapshots or images of cozy stockings? Check out our Select stock library on our Professional plan, featuring 1 million+ photos and videos from Getty Images, or our Premium library on our Professional Plus plan, offering 100 million+ photos and video clips.

5. Customer Thank You Card

You can also take the opportunity to express your appreciation for your customers with our Customer Thank You Card template. It’s eye-catching and designed to be easily customized for any business, regardless of your industry.

Bring your thank you card on-brand by adding your own custom font, brand colors, and brand logo to your video. Staying on brand is easier than ever with our Professional Plus plan. Upgrade today in preparation for the new year.

6. Fun Facts

Fun fact lists are crowd-pleasers, and fortunately, they offer a flexible format as well, allowing all sorts of businesses to bring their own knowledge and voice to the table without it becoming stale for social audiences.

As you create your fun facts videos, there are two boxes that you need to check:

  • Your list should pertain to your business in a clear, meaningful way.
  • Your facts should be fun!

In the example below, the fruit cake fun facts make for a natural connection with any bakery, but you could also share tidbits about your local community or the history of your business. The second checkbox is self-explanatory. If they’re not fun, they’re just facts.

You need look no further than our Fun Festive List template for this video.

PRO TIP: Excitement is infectious. If you’re excited about your facts, your customers will be, too. Don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm.

Fun Holiday Video Tips

  • Include CTAs when appropriate. Just because you aren’t putting on the hard sell doesn’t mean you can’t prompt your audience to go to your website and learn more about your business.
  • Open with a hook. Your viewers may still be expecting to see ads, so make sure it’s clear from the jump what your video will be about to make sure they stick around.

Once your holiday ads are created, your holiday marketing should be set through Christmas. All that’s left of the holiday season after this is your New Year videos.

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