How To

Tips for Using Multiple Songs in an Animoto Video

Moira West


Music can take a video to the next level, and sometimes one track just won't do the trick. That's why we're breaking down how to use more than one song in your Animoto videos.

In this post, we'll teach you the quick and easy workaround to use more than one song in a video. Let's jump right in.

1. Create your first video

Create a video project in Animoto and click the Music icon to select your first song. Feel free to select from our library of music, or click on Your Music to upload your own licensed tracks.

Next, drag and drop any images or video clips you'd like included along with this track and make any changes in the Design tab to achieve the look you'd like.

Once you're satisfied with the look and feel accompanying your first track, click the Export button and select Download to save your video to your computer.

2. Repeat for each track

Follow along with step one for each of your selected tracks. We recommend keeping your design settings consistent so your video flows smoothly from track to track. Try using the same video template or Theme to keep your videos cohesive.

Once this step is complete, you should have multiple Animoto videos downloaded to your device.

3. Build your final video

Create one last video project and, instead of uploading individual images and clips, drag and drop your downloaded videos into Media only blocks in the order you'd like them to appear.

Lastly, click on the Music icon in your final video project and click the trash can icon to remove the track and keep the focus on the music you've selected in your previous projects.

Remove music track trash can icon

4. Export and share

Now that you know how to add multiple songs to your video, find out which song is right for your video. Then, export and share the finished product with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter by tagging @Animoto.

Have any questions we didn't cover here? Reach out to our Customer Team for additional support.