6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Our Stock Library

Megan O'Neill


By now you’ve probably heard the news—we’ve partnered with Getty Images to bring Professional and Business customers over 1 million stock photos and video clips to use in your Animoto Marketing projects! As you dive into the library and create marketing videos, we wanted to arm you with a few helpful tips to help you find the right images and video clips, and help them look their best in your finished project.

Tip 1: Get creative with the way you phrase your searches

If at first you don’t succeed, search, search again! The assets in our stock library are searchable according to tags that are associated with them in Getty Images. So if you don’t find the right image on your first search, don’t give up. Try phrasing your search differently or searching for related keywords. For instance, the search terms “baked goods,” “bakery,” “cookies,” and “cupcakes” will all showcase different results—and all may be relevant to the same video topic!

You can also add extra information to search terms to get more specific results. If you’re looking for images or video clips related to fitness but don’t want images with people in them, you may try searching for “gym no people” instead of “gym” to narrow down your search.

Try searching for industry, time of day, location—anything goes! Find a search you particularly like? Share it with us in the comments!

Stock Search Tips

Tip 2: Try searching according to mood

You may not need a specific picture, but you may be trying to capture a mood. You can search for emotions, colors, or anything. What vibe do you want your video to have? Try writing down some words beforehand that explain the mood you’re going for and use those to help you with your search. Need a little inspiration? Check out this video on the psychology of color.

Tip 3: Keep your brand in mind

When you use stock imagery, it’s important to keep your brand in mind. Ask yourself if the image or video clip you’re looking at is on brand. If it’s not, try something else. You want to make sure your video feels like it’s coming from you. This can include everything from the colors in stock photo or video to the objects or people represented.

Try answering our 5 questions to help you get to the heart of your brand. Then, as you search for stock, keep your answers in mind to help you decide whether or not the stock your finding represents you.

Tip 4: Be consistent from image to image

When creating a video using stock, or a mix of stock and your own images, look at the collection of photos and video clips as a whole. How do they look together? If you choose assets that feel like they are all part of a collection, it can help your video feel more consistent and professional. You probably wouldn’t wear stripes, polka dots, plaid, and houndstooth all in one outfit. A video with a hodgepodge of media can feel the same way.

If you look at your video and see that your stock picks just aren’t meshing, try using a filter. You can find Filters on the left side in the Marketing toolbar.

Animoto Filters

Tip 5: Find balance between images and text

To find the right images and video clips for your video, you’ll first need to think about what your story is. You should select the stock that best represents the story you’re trying to tell, and best fits with what you’re sharing in each of your individual blocks.

But finding an image or video clip that works well with your text is about more than just what’s featured in the image or clip. You’ll also want to make sure that your visuals work well with text on top of them.

A busy photo with a lot of text on top can be hard to read. White or negative space can help you balance your visuals with what you want to say. As you can see in the examples below, the one on the left is much easier to read with built in space for text.

Stock Negative Space

Tip 6: Keep the customer in mind

Finally, when searching our Getty Images stock library, try to view the results through the eyes of your customers. You should pick images that you think will resonate with them, particularly if there are people in the images you’re choosing. Reflect your customers within your marketing for the best results. Still getting to know your target audience? Check out these 8 questions to help you learn more about your customer.

We’d love to hear any other tips and ideas that you use to find the right visuals for your videos. Share them with us in the comments. Happy video making!