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11 Easy Video Presentation Ideas (For Your Business)

Eliza Talvola


There are a lot of ways in which the remote workforce has changed the way we do business, for better and for worse. Surprisingly, one thing that hasn’t changed is how people present. Powerpoint has followed us from the office to Zoom and unfortunately, the new meeting space doesn’t make these static presentations any more exciting. Video presentations help presenters clearly and dynamically share information in a way that resonates with their audience. In fact, viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when learned via video according to Social Media Week.

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Whether you’re in the office or sharing your screen, here are reasons why you should share your ideas over a video presentation plus 11 creative video presentation ideas to get you started.

What is a video presentation?

Video presentations like the one below combine graphics, videos, images, narration, and text into one dynamic presentation. They use animations to tie content together and peak viewers’ attention to make sure the message sticks. Despite what you might think, recording your screen while sharing a static slideshow is not quite a video presentation.

Why should you make a presentation video?

We’ve all sat through lengthy presentations before and lost our place in a sea of slides. In fact, most people tune out after just 10 minutes into a traditional presentation. Not only can video presentations help keep your audience engaged and on their feet, people are more likely to remember the contents of the presentation compared to slideshows and reports. Here are five reasons why you should consider making a video presentation:

1. Videos are easy to digest

With video, there are no slides or lengthy reports to dig through. Rather, the most important content is pulled out, making for a concise, easily-digestible presentation.

2. Videos capture people’s attention

Dynamic animations, screen and webcam recordings, music, and narration help grab people’s attention and keep them engaged. Instead of a predictable fade-in animation between slides, you can use multiple layouts and add pictures, videos, and illustrations all on the same slide.

3. Videos are persuasive

If a picture says a thousand words, then multiply that by 100 for video. Professional videos like the ones you can make with Animoto add a level of polish and prestige to your work. Whether you’re pitching a product to investors, sharing an idea with the executive team, reporting your findings, or trying to get team members on-board with a new idea, video content can help your idea go down smoothly.

4. Videos are time efficient

Short format videos like the ones we see on social media have trained us to consume large bits of information in short amounts of time. With video, you can convey multiple ideas and drive them home with helpful visuals. Rather than explaining how to navigate through an app or website, for example, you can add a screen recording for a visual demonstration. And with webcam recordings, you can cut down on the emails by explaining as you go.

5. Videos are accessible anytime, anywhere

The digital work era enables team members to tune in from anywhere in the world. This also means that in addition to the usual PTO days and vacations, teams are split across time zones. With a video presentation, every team member sees the same high-quality content and can tune in at a time that works best for them. This also comes in handy for workplace how-tos for new employees, onboarding presentations, and more.

Types of video presentations

Video is an extremely versatile format. There are many different types of video presentations you can make, each one tailored to your audience and goal. Here, we’ll outline the four main types of video presentation and below we’ll share specific video presentation ideas, complete with easy-to-use templates.

Informative: Informative videos are great for getting teams caught up on new processes, sharing the results of campaigns, sharing with clients, and more. For important information that you really need to stick, this is the format for you.

Demonstrative: Demonstration videos are also extremely helpful internally and externally for businesses. Rather than meeting one-on-one with a team member or client to demonstrate how to use a product or program, you can create a shareable video presentation.

Persuasive: If you need a little extra oomph for a new idea or to win over a client, you will want to make a persuasive presentation. Stats, testimonials, and promo codes all work well in these presentations.

Inspirational: Motivate your audience to take action! Quotes, personal stories and photos, and voice-over messages can help pull at the heartstrings and inspire your audience.

11 Video presentation ideas for your business

Ready to start creating professional videos in a matter of minutes? Here are 11 creative video presentation ideas and templates to spark inspiration.

1. Sales presentation

Share statistics, testimonials, and quotes that illustrate the unique value of your product or business. The Company Values template, made in partnership with Linkedin, is modern, professional, and powerful. Use it to kick off a sales presentation and bring in some new clients.

2. Product presentation

Showcase your unique product portfolio in one video. With the Product Demo template, you can easily add in pictures, videos, and screen recordings of your product and bring them to life with upbeat music and animations. It’s a great way to hook new customers in and make them want to shop for more.

3. Promotional video

Create a trendy promotional video in minutes with the New Product Intro template. Share the news of your limited-time promotion on multiple platforms by reformatting to a mobile first, square, or landscape orientation with the click of a button.

4. Explainer video

Want to demonstrate the unique value proposition of your product, service, or business with one video? The Simple Product Explainer template takes your customer on a journey with colorful animations, stock video, and customizable text boxes.

5. Q&A session video

Chances are, if your employee or customer has a question, others are likely to have the same question too. Collect FAQs and share the knowledge with a quick Q&A style video.

6. Employee onboarding video

Onboarding booklets and intranets can be tough to sort through. Make a great first impression for new employees with an onboarding video. In addition to welcoming them to the company, you can share helpful tips to get them caught up to speed. If you work in a remote setting, you can also try adding a message with Voice-over to make a more personal connection.

7. Employee training video

Whether you’re introducing a new process to your team or a new employee, everyone could use a step-by-step video to have in their back pocket. The Workplace Step by Step template is easy to customize with screen and webcam recordings, screenshots, voice-over instructions, and more. Rather than teaching each employee one-on-one, make a shareable video that can be paused and replayed to learn a new process.

8. Welcome to the company

Want to get off on the right foot with a new employee? Introduce them to the company and vice versa with a personalized welcome video! This helps set the tone for the rest of their time at the company and makes a memorable first impression.

9. Educational presentation

Educate your team or client on the industry with an educational presentation video. This Industry Insights template is a great place to add statistics, charts, and unique findings about a topic.

10. Quarterly or annual report video

Shake up your usual end-of-quarter presentation by transforming your findings into an engaging, attention-grabbing recap video. Not only does this wrap up the previous quarter, it kicks off the next one with more energy and excitement than any dense report could.

11. Event presentation

Have an upcoming event? The Webinar Event Promo template is a great way to get the word out! Videos are more likely to be shared than other content and will help make the details of your event stick. You can use it for anything from webinars to happy hours to increase your turnout.

10 Video presentation tips to boost engagement

Now that you have plenty of video templates to customize and make your own, it’s time to start creating! Here are some video presentation tips to keep in mind as you start making your video presentations.


Consider your script your road map. Voice-over messages can help your video to feel more personalized and keep your audience engaged. If you create a script to follow, it will help you to stay on-topic and concise.


The beauty of video is that it can convey lots of information in a short amount of time. Don’t overwhelm or distract your audience with too much text or animations. Instead, use a clean and professional video template to make your calls-to-action clear and achievable in the minds of your audience.


Don’t be a stranger! Since videos can easily be shared and seen by a large audience, you don’t always know how much your audience knows about you. By adding a brief introduction to yourself and your brand, it sets the scene for the rest of the video and makes it feel more personal.


If you want your audience to watch your video until the end, you have to hook them in the beginning. Start strong and build up your story with an intro, and conclude with an outro with clear CTAs to leave a lasting impression.


Connect with your audience on a more personal level by adding your voice to your videos. Animoto’s voice-over feature makes it easy to record, upload, and edit voice-over tracks and build a rapport with your audience. You can even take it one step further by recording a webcam video where you speak directly to your audience!


Not only does music add life to your video, social media algorithms prefer videos with audio to silent ones. Help your video go further in the minds of your audience and online by adding a licensed music track in Animoto!


Offer collaboration and feedback in your videos to make users more engaged. Pose questions in the video or in the accompanying video caption to draw them in and stay tuned as they wait for an answer.


Make an impact on your audience with a powerful quote from a historical figure, CEO, or writer.


Humor is a great way to connect with others and make them feel more welcomed and relaxed. Add in a funny meme or gif when appropriate or share a funny story to illustrate a point.


Practice makes perfect. Try a couple test-runs of your presentation before the big day to boost your confidence and identify any issues or opportunities.

How to make a video presentation with animoto

Animoto has all the tools you need to create powerful video presentations for free.

1. Choose a video presentation template from our library to get started.

2. Upload your photos and video clips and then drag and drop them into your presentation.

3. Personalize your video presentation with text, animations, and your brand colors and logo to make it truly your own.

4. Download and share your video presentation via email, on screen, or to your desired social destination.


Don’t let your presentation time go to waste. With video presentations, you’re more likely to impress and engage your audience and make your information stick.

Which creative and fun video presentation idea do you think you’ll use first? Share your creations with us in our Facebook group, The Animoto Social Video Marketing Community. You can share your videos there for feedback and support or just get inspired by fellow group members.

Video presentation FAQs

How long should a video presentation be?

Ultimately, the length of your video presentation depends on how much content needs to be shared, who you’re sharing it with, and where you’re sharing it. Thirty to sixty seconds is a great starting point; it’s short enough to keep your audience engaged yet long enough to include valuable information.

Are presentation videos better than slideshows?

Video presentations offer more opportunities to excite and engage your audience than static slideshows. Whereas slideshows can become monotonous or predictable, videos keep your audience on their toes with animations, video, narration, text, and images. Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message from videos too! More engagement = better recall.

Where can I find royalty-free background music?

Animoto has a library of over 3,000 licensed music tracks to choose from. You can browse our library and sort by genre, music, artist, and more to find the perfect track for your video presentation.