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Our 10 Most Popular Video Templates for Work and Life

Moira West


Sometimes things are popular for a reason. And we think that’s the case with our customers’ favorite templates. Each one lets you create a personal or business-related video that’ll draw your audience in and keep them watching.

Video templates for business and personal use

You can make every one of our top 10 templates for free in Animoto. Take a look at our customers’ favorites and see if you find your new fave.

1. Birthday Card video template

With social distancing still in effect in many places, lots of people are looking for ways to show they care when they can’t be there in person. Our Birthday Card template lets you send a personal greeting, whether or not you can celebrate with your recipient.

How to personalize your birthday card

  • Swap out our stock art for photos and video clips of your loved one.
  • Add your recipient’s name and age, along with their best qualities, to personalize the text. If you want to say a bit more, take a look at our list of birthday quotes for inspiration.
  • Change the colors and fonts to fit your loved one’s style
  • Keep the song in the template or switch it up. Check out our list of birthday songs for a few ideas.

2. New Launch Promo video template

One of the smartest ways to sell a product is to show how it solves a customer problem. This template lets you highlight the features of a new product while explaining how it makes life easier for your target audience.

How to personalize your promo

  • Swap out our stock art for photos and video clips, or keep it, if you like.
  • Use a compelling statistic related to your product or service.
  • Explain your product or service and its features.
  • Keep the song in the template or choose a new one from our library of commercially licensed music.

3. Collection Portfolio video template

Video can help you show off multiple products in a short period of time, letting you to grab your audience’s attention and encouraging them to buy. The Collection Portfolio template uses collages and elegant transitions to create an eye-catching video for your website or for social media.

How to personalize your collection portfolio

  • Swap out our stock art for photos and video clips of your products.
  • Switch up the aspect ratio to square for Facebook and Instagram or vertical for Stories.
  • Use text to share features that make your product unique.
  • Stick with the template song or choose a different tune that fits your brand.

4. Self-Introduction video template

Make yourself feel like part of the team right from the get-go. Customize this template to create a short video bio. Then share your finished project with new or prospective co-workers to help them get to know you better.

How to personalize your self-introduction

  • Replace the stock art with photos and video clips of you.
  • Change the text to fit your interests and qualifications.
  • Customize with your favorite colors and fonts.
  • Select a song in a genre you like, or keep the song in the template.

5. Bite-Sized Product Promo video template

When we surveyed marketers, 93% said they’d found a new customer because of a video on social media. Short videos, like the one you can make with this template, give you a fast, effective way to grab attention and get viewers to click through to buy your product or service.

How to personalize your product promo

  • Use photos of your product instead of the stock art that comes with the template.
  • Fit the text to your product.
  • Change the colors and font to match your brand.
  • Make a copy of your finished video. Then switch it to a vertical aspect ratio to make another ad for Facebook or Instagram Stories.

6. Digital Album video template

For professional photographers, video acts as a way to build emotion. The combination of music and beautiful images works well in a sales session or as an add-on for clients. This type of album offers a beautiful keepsake that works for almost any genre of photography. It’s also highly shareable, and lets you build word of mouth for your business.

How to personalize your digital album

  • Adjust the text to fit your client. This template works well for newborns, children, weddings, seniors, and more.
  • Replace stock images with your client’s shoot
  • Use your brand colors or add your logo as a watermark to make the video your own.
  • Switch the song to fit your genre of photography.

7. About Us video template

The About Us template gives you a framework for the story of your business—just customize with your own information. Explore what makes your business different from the competition in an elegant, sophisticated way.

How to personalize your about us video

  • Add photos of your product to the template.
  • Include text that explains what makes your business special.
  • Change colors, fonts, and styles to match your brand.
  • Keep the included song, or choose a new one from our library of commercially licensed music.

8. Event Recap video template

If you hosted a live event, take some of that footage and turn it into a reel highlighting its biggest and best moments. The short format makes the takeaways easy for your audience to understand—and make them want to sign up for your next event.

How to personalize your event recap

  • Use video clips from your event or find stock photos and footage in our Getty Images library of stock.
  • Detail key takeaways that your audience will want to know.
  • Add a call to action that directs viewers to your website or blog for more information.
  • Hold onto the song in the template or choose a new one. Take a look at our post on songs for parties and events for a few ideas.

9. Personal Announcement video template

If you've had to change plans due to COVID-19 or other unforeseen events, this template offers a simple way to share that news. Of course, you can easily adapt it to good news! Use it to announce a birth, an engagement, or other events that loved ones will want to know about.

How to personalize your announcement

  • Include your own photos and video clips instead of the stock images.
  • Choose colors and fonts that match your announcement and your personality.
  • Let your audience know what's going on and what, if anything, they should do.
  • Find a song that fits your message. You can even upload your own licensed music, if you have it.

10. Gift Card Promo video template

Boost sales of gift cards with a short, but sweet, promo. Though this template references Mother’s Day, it’s easily adaptable to any holiday or for everyday use.

How to personalize your gift card promo

  • Add your own photos and video clips, or use our Getty Images library of stock to find what you need.
  • Select colors and fonts that match your brand or your campaign.
  • Adjust the text to fit your target audience and replace the references to Mother’s Day with your current campaign focus.
  • Change your song to fit the tone of your message. You can search by genre or mood to find what you need.

If you discovered a video template you loved in this post, you can find it in the Popular category in our template selector. Head over to start your next video project!