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5 Quick and Easy Last-Minute Mother’s Day Video Ideas

Megan O'Neill


Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t created a video yet—for Mom or for your business—it’s not too late. We’ve put together a list of 5 quick and easy video ideas that you can create before Sunday May 12.


To make your life easy, the video examples in this article were created using Animoto video templates. That means you can easily click through to customize them with your own text, photos, video clips, and logo.

It’s not too late to make a gift for a mom in your life, post a last-minute video to promote your business, or get inspired by one of our other ideas. Let’s dive in!

Idea #1: Video Gift for Mom

If you haven’t gotten your mom a Mother’s Day gift yet, there’s still time. Put together a collection of photos with text and music to create a memorable gift. I actually just created this video using our Happy Birthday! Slideshow template and took me less than 30 minutes.

Tips for customizing this template:

The Happy Birthday! Slideshow template is easy to update to create a video gift for any occasion. For Mother’s Day, here are a few pointers:

  • Drag and drop to add your own photos. You can find photos from social media, your computer, or use your phone to take pictures of old photographs from an album.
  • Update the text with a story that’ll make your recipient feel special.
  • Change the color from green to something that feels more "Mother’s Day-ish."
  • If you’d like, choose a different song from our music library or upload your own. I kept the song from the template in this example.

If you’d like to start from scratch instead of using a template, that’s fine too. We’ve put together a guide to show you how to make a Mother’s Day video from scratch.

Idea #2: Last-Minute Sale Video

Promote a last-minute Mother’s Day sale quickly and easily using our Valentine’s Day Sale Template. Check out the example below, made with the template, and read on to learn more about what we changed to take the template from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day.

Tips for customizing this template:

This video stays incredibly close to the original template, with just a few updates. To make your own last-minute sale video, all you have to do is:

  • Drag and drop to update the 2 photos in the template. Add a photo of your product or service, or a Mother’s Day-related stock image.
  • Update the text in the first block so it says "Mother’s Day sale" instead of "Valentine’s Day sale."
  • Add your own promo and promo code.
  • Add your logo.

Check out our article on tips for Mother’s Day video marketing to learn more.

Idea #3: Mother’s Day Quote Video

Inspirational quotes made for shareworthy video content, and it’s quick and easy to create a Mother’s Day quote video to share on social media this year. This example was created using our Editorial Quote List video template.

Tips for customizing this template:

To make this video, all you’ve got to do is dress it up for Mother’s Day. Here’s how:

  • Add Mother’s Day imagery. If you don’t have any of your own, try searching our Getty Images library for terms like "mom" or "family."
  • Replace the quotes in the template with quotes related to Mother’s Day. Feel free to steal quotes from our example video, or check out our list of 20 silly and sweet quotes for Mother’s Day.

Idea #4: Last-Minute Gift Promo

You may have waited until the last minute to get started on your Mother’s Day marketing, but that’s okay! Tons of people are still trying to figure out what to get their moms for Mother’s Day and the answer just may be your business!

Create a quick promo video that sells your product or service as a Mother’s Day gift idea. This example was created using our Seasonal Promotion video template.

Tips for customizing this template:

To create this example video, we updated a few things in the Seasonal Promotion template. Here’s how you can do it too:

  • Drag and drop to replace template images with images or video clips of your product or service.
  • Update the text to explain why your product or service makes a great gift for Mom.
  • Add your specific promo, if you’ve got one.
  • Add a hashtag at the end that fits your business, or simply add your logo instead.

Idea #5: Trip Down Memory Lane

Last but not least, for a super quick option you can simply create a slideshow that takes Mom on a trip down memory lane. You won’t need a template for this one - just start from scratch and drop in photos from over the years. We made our example square so it’s ideal for posting to your Facebook or Instagram feed.

Which Mother’s Day video will you make this year? A video for your business, a video for the mom in your life, or both?