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Your customers love video! So get ahead of your competitors by making a promo video. Differentiate your business and captivate viewers with impressive animated text, colorful graphics, and strong calls to action. It’s simple to elevate your brand and impress your audience with Animoto’s easy-to-use promo video maker. No experience necessary.

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Seasonal video ad

Celebrate the season with a well-executed holiday promotional video. Show viewers why your products will make great holiday gifts for their family and friends.

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15-sec video ad

Give viewers a taste of your product in 15 seconds or less. A bite-size product intro provides your audience with enough detail to pique their interest and encourages them to click through.

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Event promo video

Drive RSVPs to your next event. Use a quick event promo to generate awareness and get people excited to attend. Send viewers from a video ad to a sign-up page in seconds.

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Where to share your promo videos

  1. Video adsThere are a number of ways to connect with your audience, but video ads might be the most effective when it comes to finding new leads. Post a video that introduces your brand and get customers into your funnel fast.
  2. Email marketing videosEngage your email list with informational explainer videos or company announcements. Include info about new products or provide helpful tricks and tips to add value for your audience.
  3. Promos for your websiteCreate videos for your website that introduce new visitors to your brand. Incorporate photos or video clips of your team or direct people to where they can find what they need on your site.

Editing your promos

  1. TimingEdit your promo videos with a time limit in mind. Make sure each promo isn't too long for your intended audience and platform. For example, a video ad on Instagram should usually be much shorter than a normal YouTube video.
  2. Aspect ratioMake your video the appropriate size for its platform. Facebook and Instagram videos perform better in a square format, Stories look best when they're vertical, and YouTube videos are designed for a horizontal view.
  3. Calls to actionEvery promo video should have a unique call to action. In other words, tell viewers what you'd like them to do after watching your video, whether it's subscribing to your email list, downloading your free guide, or simply liking your Facebook page.

Tips for effective promotion

  1. Determine your objectiveWhat is the purpose of your promo video? A sales promo will be far different from a brand introduction. Figure out what you want to accomplish before you start, so you can select the right storyboard template from the very beginning.
  2. Write a scriptHave an outline written down with a few images or video clips you'd like to include in your video. Then jot down the text for your video as well. This will help you stay on track and speed up your editing process.
  3. Preview before publishingIt's a good idea to review your whole promo video before you publish, which you can easily do right in Animoto. A quick preview lets you make sure you don't see any errors, and you like the way the finished video looks.

Case study

How this bakery increased online orders by 700% with promo videos

New York City bakery Cupcake Market wanted to increase their visibility on Facebook and Instagram, and thought video might be the way to go. They quickly created a dynamic promo video in Animoto, showing how they made one of their most popular items—customized cookies decorated to look like real people’s faces.

Their video promo caught on and got the attention of several major news outlets. The publicity helped Cupcake Market get 3x their typical number of website inquiries and a 175% increase in their average order value, growing awareness of the bakery far beyond what they’d imagined possible.


increase in order value


increase in online orders

Simple to create

How to make a promo video with Animoto

  1. Select a storyboard template or start from scratch
  2. Upload your photos and video clips or select from our Getty Images stock library
  3. Personalize by changing colors, music, and text, and adding your logo
  4. Produce and share your promo video

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