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26 Unique Wedding Video Ideas

Moira West


There are few events bigger than a wedding. And whether you’re telling the story of your engagement, the wedding day itself, or an anniversary, video lets your audience see love bloom and grow. To help you share your own unique love story, we’ve put together a list of 26 wedding video ideas.

26 Inventive Ways to Share Your Wedding with Video

Wedding Video Ideas

Engagement and proposal video ideas

  1. Video wedding proposal: Want to surprise your soon-to-be spouse? Try this creative wedding proposal idea—make a short video, like this one from Animoto’s own Chief Video Officer, Jason Hsiao, and while your video is busy popping the question, you can surprise your significant other with a ring.
  1. Video proposal, with children: Let the kids in on your marriage proposal so that your future fiancée, or fiancé, knows everyone in the family is excited about the two of you being together.
  1. Engagement recap: If you were able to sneak a few photos in while you were proposing, try turning them into a quick video to get the word out about your engagement.
  1. Love story engagement: Let everyone know exactly how you fell in love with photos showing where you met and highlighting important moments in your relationship. Start with our Engagement Slideshow video template for some inspiration
  1. Video Wedding Invitation: A video invite or shorter save-the-date video gives you a creative way to let friends and family know about your big day. Put in a few photos or video clips, along with the date and location of the wedding, and then share on social media or on your wedding website.
  1. Stop motion save the date: Get creative with your wedding announcement by making a fun, stop-motion video. You can read up on what apps work best for this kind of video in our post on tools and apps for video effects.

Pre-wedding info and events

  1. Wedding webpage video: Help family and friends get to know both of you as a couple. Craft a story that shares details about who you both are and how you fell in love. Check out our our how-to guide for wedding slideshows for inspiration.
  2. Bridal party intros: Guests may not know some of the important players on your wedding day, and a quick video on your wedding website explaining who’s who can help. It’s also a lot less painful than asking bridesmaids and groomsmen for a written bio.
  3. Bridal shower recap: Thank guests who attended your bridal shower—and share a recap for those who couldn’t attend—in one, social-ready video.
  1. Bachelor or bachelorette party recap: Unless you want what happened in Vegas to stay in Vegas, creating a recap video can be a fun way to let your friends relive your wild, pre-wedding adventures—or just provide you with future blackmail material.
  2. Wedding FAQ: Share all the details about the venue, hotels, and registries in a video that can be emailed out or posted on your website.
  3. Bridesmaid or groomsman gift: Give everyone in your bridal party a personalized video thank you to show your appreciation for their help and their friendship.
  1. Rehearsal dinner: Cut down on the speeches during your rehearsal dinner with a special video presentation. Check out our rehearsal video checklist to make sure you’re 100% ready when it’s showtime.

Wedding day video ideas

  1. Documentary-style video: You’re documenting your wedding, so make it feel like a documentary! You don’t need elaborate black-and-white footage. Grab the closest smartphone and start shooting.
  2. Guest interviews: Sit down Mom and Dad, siblings, other family, and friends to preserve everyone’s well wishes for your wedding day.
  3. Small camera wedding bouquet: For a twist on the typical wedding-day video, stick a small camera, like the GoPro used in the video below, into a bridesmaid’s wedding bouquet and catch the action for an entirely new angle.
  1. Drone video: If you know someone with a drone they can use, take advantage and get sweeping, cinematic footage of your wedding party and your venue.
  2. Retro video clips: Simple apps, like these 8mm apps for iPhones and Androids, can give your wedding day footage some vintage flair.
  3. Photo booth: Don’t let all those cute photo booth images go to waste. Put them together in a fast-paced video and share it with your guests.
  1. Video booth: Elevate the typical photobooth with a video booth. You can even create one of your own by setting up a mobile device and letting guests share heartfelt wishes with the bride and groom—or just get silly with props.
  2. Ceremony video for the reception: Drag and drop photos from the ceremony right into Animoto to quickly create a slideshow video featuring photos from the wedding ceremony. Then play your video on a screen at the reception.

After the wedding

  1. Honeymoon video: Take your loved ones with you on the honeymoon—at least on video. Share your favorite moments in an easy-to-share honeymoon recap.
  1. Crowd-sourced photo slideshow: Guests are going to have their phones out to capture every important moment at your wedding, so why not put them to work? Read up on a few ways you can compile photos from your wedding guests.
  1. Post-wedding video to share on social: A video recapping your wedding lets you thank guests and gives loved ones who couldn’t attend a way to celebrate with you.
  1. Wedding flashback: Need an anniversary gift? Make a video with old photos and help bring back memories of your wedding day.
  1. Anniversary video: Celebrate the life you’ve lived together, from your wedding day up through the present or create an incomparable anniversary gift for a couple you love.

Have any wedding video ideas we didn’t think of? Share them in the comments! Or if you’re ready to start telling your love story with video, click the button below to create a video.