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Elevate your photography business by creating videos your clients will love. From photo slideshows that sell themselves to marketing videos that promote your business, Animoto's slideshow software has all the tools you need to create powerful, professional videos from your photos.

Create a professional slideshow video for your photography business in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Select a style or template and upload your photos

Did you just capture a wedding, event, or portrait session? Log in to Animoto and choose one of our photography storyboard templates or start from scratch with one of our stunning video styles. Then upload your photos to create a captivating slideshow in a matter of minutes.

Step 2

Customize your slideshow video

No cookie-cutter designs here. Personalize your video any way you like. Adjust colors, fonts, text, and music with a few quick clicks. You can also make sure your studio stands out by adding a watermark featuring your logo to your video.

Step 3

Share your slideshow video with the world

Once your project is complete, its time to put it to work. With a click of a button you can share your video with clients and across your social media channels/

Elevate your photography business

  1. Create an emotional experience Start your sales session with a slideshow that gives clients an emotional connection to your photographs before you start talking prints and wall art. Add music and a few behind-the-scenes video clips to elevate the experience, whether clients are visiting you in your studio, or tuning in for a remote reveal.
  2. A new addition to your sales packageThese professional slideshows can be sold on their own, or bundled with your other photography services. Stand out from the rest by offering these videos at specific price points for clients, and even using them as an upsell once a photoshoot is completed.
  3. Gain new clients while you workAnimoto is so fast and easy to use, you can literally piece together a project in the time it takes you to grab lunch. If you just captured a wedding ceremony, you can present a same day slideshow to play at the reception. This is also a great way to gain future clients who are attending the event.

Social media marketing for photographers

  1. Photo to videoPut your images in motion. Just because you take photos for a living, doesn't mean you can't incorporate video into your marketing. Creating video slideshows set to music is one of the best ways to showcase your work.
  2. Pick any platformPinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter… the list goes on. We want you to reach your ideal audience wherever they may be, which is why we let you upload your content to so many social platforms.
  3. Engage more clients with videoWhen it comes to social media, video outperforms static images by nearly a 4-to-1 margin. Thankfully, you don’t need to hire an expensive videographer or buy a video camera on your own to produce video content. Easily create a professional slideshow video or your photographs.

Marketing your photography business

  1. Leverage your photos as videosVideos or slideshows outperform static images any day of the week. Just because your main skill set is photography, it doesn’t have to keep you from producing long-form content. Connecting with an online audience means catering to their preferences. Start interacting with them on a different level through video.
  2. Share a sneak peekRight after the session, share your photos in a short video with them, and let the client do your marketing for you. They will post to social media, share with their audience, and get the word out about your promptly delivered project.
  3. Promote your next eventCreate a video to advertise your next mini-session or seasonal event. Bring the occasion to life and advertise your services in a compelling way.

Success Story

How Sue Bryce uses video to connect with clients

Sue Bryce leverages Animoto to help her save time, without sacrificing quality. After each photography session she uploads her photos into masterful slideshows intended to educate and “wow” her clients. By using text, Sue is able to articulate a story and deliver a resounding message to the client. The best part is, she doesn’t have to hire an expensive videographer to make this a reality.





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Behind the Scenes

Share your photography process on social media, giving clients a nice perspective on what to expect from working with you.

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Senior Session Promo

This storyboard will help you create attractive social media content to draw more clients into your schedule.

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Headshots Social Ad

Give customers a portfolio boost. Advertise your skills for creating stunning headshots using this stylishly crafted template.

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