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Sell more with ecommerce video marketing

Promoting your products has never been simpler. Create videos that quickly and effortlessly display your products in action. Increase your sales through video advertising that drives users to your online store. With Animoto, you can rethink the way you do ecommerce video marketing and give your brand a boost.

How to create ecommerce product videos in minutes

Step 1

Select a storyboard template and start uploading

Use one of Animoto’s prebuilt storyboard templates, which have been proven to increase conversions. Begin uploading your photos or video clips and get your project rolling.

Step 2

Make your video your own

Customize your video with colors, fonts, music, and visual effects unique to your brand. With Animoto it's easy to personalize your product videos to make them unique to your brand.

Step 3

Share your video with potential customers

Once your project is completed, Animoto makes it easy to share across social channels. Post it to your brand's newsfeed or turn it into a video ad to reach new audiences. You could also download your video and add it to your online store.

Land more sales

  1. Create eye-catching social media ads Video outperforms photo and text ads by a wide margin. Turn your finished slideshows into engaging social videos that convert.
  2. A/B test and optimizeAnimoto makes A/B testing a breeze. In no time you can create multiple versions of any project. Tweak different parts of your video along the way to see what messages or visuals perform better.
  3. Post on the channels that matter the mostPut your finished work in front of your target audience, whether they are on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube. Be ready to engage with people who move your bottom line where they spend their time.

Generate buzz around new products

  1. Make a product demo Show consumers how your new product works by posting a step-by-step video demonstration. Then, add a call to action to the end of your video to encourage sales.
  2. Promotional videosCreate compelling slideshows or videos to promote your store. Feature discounted products, special offers, and other enticing deals to get people to take action.
  3. Add text instructionsComplement your product showcase with text. Add words that'll make your videos accessible to more viewers, even if they watch with the sound off.

Help customers get to know your company

  1. Create an "about us" video Introduce yourself and bring your company to life with a short, but poignant, video about your ecommerce brand. Place your brand culture on full display and give people a reason to buy.
  2. Share footage from eventsShow people what to expect from your brand. Combine photos or video clips from past events and build anticipation for upcoming ones.
  3. Post organically to social mediaAnimoto makes sharing your video a breeze. Once your project is finished, you can post it to your social media channels in just a couple clicks.

Success Story

Promoting products with social video ads

Nest Homeware was struggling to figure out a quick way to incorporate video into their marketing promotions, until they discovered Animoto. With Animoto they were able to upload and convert their existing photos to create an engaging video for social media. The process was fast and straightforward, and the results were amazing. Within a few weeks, Nest Homeware saw a 400% increase in sales.


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Introduce your new product line in style. Use Animoto to debut a collection in cinematic fashion.

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