Creating a Saved Brand in Animoto: A Complete Guide

Madison Fraitag


Creating your first Saved Brand in Animoto is quick and easy. Whether you're looking to save your brand's preferences for easy application or seeking a shortcut for aesthetically pleasing video creation, this feature allows you to save and apply your logo, brand colors, and preferred font to any video project in just one click.

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In this post, we’ll go over the different ways you can create a Saved Brand, plus how you can edit or delete your Saved Brands at any time. Feel free to jump ahead if you’re looking for an answer to a particular question about Saved Brands:

To see Saved Brands in action, check out this live tutorial from our Chief Video Officer, Sally Sargood.

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What is a Saved Brand?

A Saved Brand is your shortcut to apply select elements of your brand identity to your videos in a fraction of the time.

What’s included

There are three design settings encapsulated in a Saved Brand: your logo, your primary and accent colors, and your preferred font. These can be edited at any time, so you can adapt your videos along with your brand identity.

Professional Plus plan users have access to create multiple Saved Brands, so whether you have more than one version of your logo, multiple color palettes, or if you manage more than one brand entirely, you create videos in each style in just one click. Professional plan users also have the ability to create one Saved Brand.

Who can create them

Saved Brands are available on the Professional and Professional Plus plans. Once you subscribe or upgrade, Professional plan users will be able to create, edit, and apply one Saved Brand, while Professional Plus users will have access to multiple Saved Brands.

Haven’t found the right plan for your needs yet? Check out everything you’ll gain from each of our plans when you upgrade today.

Creating your first Saved Brand

There are multiple ways to create a Saved Brand, including before, during, and after creating a video project. Here’s the quickest way to create one before starting a video, so you can apply it with just one click.

Step 1: Create a new video project

Create a new project by selecting a template or starting from scratch. You can still upload your photos and video clips as usual, but before selecting any other settings, click on the Design tab. Here, you’ll see the option to add a brand under My Brands.

Step 1 Add a brand

Step 2: Select your brand preferences

After clicking on the plus sign to add your first brand, you’ll see the option to name your Saved Brand, upload your brand logo, select your primary and accent brand colors, and select or upload a brand font.

Step 2 Create Saved Brand Module Template

First up, name your Saved Brand. If you plan to create more than one Saved Brand, remember to name each something distinct so you'll remember which to use for each video.

Next, click on the smiley face icon to upload your brand logo from your desktop. We recommend using a PNG file if your logo features any transparency.

To select your brand colors, feel free to pick any of the preset colors in Animoto, or for maximum customization, select the plus sign under Custom to grab any color or input the exact Hex codes for your brand colors.

Lastly, browse from our library of over 40 fonts to select a standard for your brand. If you’re a Professional Plus plan user, you’ll also see the option to upload your brand’s custom font to your Saved Brand for easy application and customization every time.

Don’t have your logo on hand? Need to consult a designer on your brand colors? No worries, you can always change these settings later, so no pressure to lock in a permanent choice right now, just select the closest option to your brand identity to get started.

Step 3: Create and apply your brand

Once you’ve completed step two, feel free to click Create brand to close this window.

Step 3 Create Saved Brand Module Complete

Now, you’ll be able to click on your new Saved Brand in the Design tab to apply it to your entire video project in real-time, including the addition of your logo as a watermark in the corner of your video, all with just one click. You can always tweak your design settings on each block while you edit your video to make sure it looks its best.

We used the Saved Brand that we created above plus a few images from our Getty Images stock library to make a quick promotional video, check out the final product below!

Creating a Saved Brand after making a video

Already have a video created with your brand preferences applied? Now, when you export a project in Animoto, we’ll offer to build your first Saved Brand for you based on your selected Design settings.

Saved Brand - Create after making a video

All you have to do is click Create brand and your selections will be ready at the push of a button in the Design tab next time.

Where to find and edit your Saved Brands

Once you’ve created a Saved Brand, you can access it any time in the Design tab. Now, whenever you’re creating a video for your business, it just takes one click to bring it on brand.

Saved Brands location in design tab

To make any edits, hover your mouse over a Saved Brand and click the pencil icon. You’ll see the same screen you used to build your Saved Brand, plus the options to save your changes or delete your Saved Brand.

While you can always delete and replace your Saved Brands if any of your brand assets change, you can also mirror any changes to your brand identity as your business grows and evolves by simply editing your Saved Brands in Animoto. For example, if your company’s logo is redesigned, you can easily upload the new version and see it reflected in your existing Saved Brand in seconds.

Edit Saved brand screen with new logo

Pro tip: Keep in mind that any edits you make to your Saved Brand will need to be reapplied to your videos. Simply click Save changes, then click on your Saved Brand in the Design tab to apply your edits to your entire video with one click.

Creating additional Saved Brands

Looking to create an additional Saved Brand? Head back to the Design tab where you went to edit your existing Saved Brand and click Add brand. If you’re subscribed to the Professional Plus plan, you’ll be able to create another new Saved Brand, changing all of your settings for a completely different brand or changing a specific setting for a slightly different look.

In this example, we kept all of the settings the same and simply swapped in an alternate logo. Feel free to rename your Saved Brands something more distinct so you can apply a more specific look in even less time.

Adding an Additional Saved Brand

Get started now

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