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10 Easy HR Video Ideas for Business (Plus Templates)

Eliza Talvola


We know that consumers prefer videos over static content both for entertainment and to learn more about a brand or product. Not only is it more engaging, but viewers are also more likely to retain the information in videos. For these reasons, marketers are leaning into more video content and HR managers should too. Whether instilling company values or sharing day-to-day workplace processes, HR videos can make your message stick.

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Creating video content might seem daunting at first but with customizable templates, you can create professional videos in minutes. Below are 10 video ideas (and templates) to get you started.

What is an HR video?

Today, there are so many new ways for human resources teams to use video. HR videos can support recruiting, training, and culture-building efforts both in-office and online. Think training, onboarding, new hire welcomes, job listings, and more.

Videos can also be made to remind employees of workplace anniversaries, upcoming holidays, and social events. Almost any communication from the HR team can be transformed into an informative and engaging video.

Why your business needs HR videos:

Emails and employee handbooks have been status-quo for HR teams for years and as such, they often get overlooked. We all know how important employee engagement is for morale and company culture. But currently, only 36% of U.S. employees are engaged in their work and workplace. No matter how important or in-demand your message is, getting people to listen can be a challenge. That's where videos come in.

Videos appeal to scroll-savvy employees who are used to consuming short and digestible video content. They can catch viewers' eyes and make your message stick. You can include screen recordings, charts, and more to bring the concepts to life rather than hoping an attachment gets opened. Especially in today's workforce where every app is competing for attention, video content makes your message stand out.

10 HR video ideas for your business

There are so many situations in which a video can help further your message. Luckily, you don’t have to create custom assets, hire paid actors, or wait for the design team to start creating. Customizable video templates like the ones below can help you to make videos in minutes from the content you already have on-hand. Here are 10 HR video templates to get you started!

1. Hiring and recruitment video

Finding the right employee requires a lot of outreach. You have to put your best foot forward and convince applicants that this position is the right fit for them. What better way to make your unique job posting stand out than with a unique video? Job posting videos should not only detail the perks of the position, they should give viewers an idea of your company values. Use the Visual Job Listing template to make your job listing stand out and showcase all that your company has to offer.

2. Meet the team video

Once you’ve hired the right person for the job, it’s time to make them feel at home. Start off on the right foot by using the Welcome to the Team template. Introduce new employees to their soon-to-be coworkers before they step foot in the office or start the onboarding process. Don’t forget to introduce the new employee to the rest of the team by sharing a New Hire Welcome video!

3. Employee onboarding video

Now comes the good stuff! Getting new employees into the swing of things can seem intimidating at first. By using video, you’re creating a memorable and helpful resource that can be watched and reshared again and again. The Employee Onboarding template outlines the first steps new employees need to take to get up and running. It sets a clear path for new hires and helps alleviate the HR team from having to start at square one for each new team member.

4. Employee training video

Sometimes you’re better off showing how to do something than explaining how to do it. This becomes difficult when your team is spread across cities and timezones. With the Workplace How-To template, you can walk users through workplace processes step-by-step using video clips, screenshots, and voice-recordings along the way.

5. About us video

Introducing your company to a new audience or building out an “About Us” page on your website? The About Us template will help you tell your story in a way that will be remembered. These videos can help your audience dive deeper into what inspires the work you do and how you got started. Add your own brand colors, logo, font, and more to create a video that tells your story past, present, and future.

6. Company culture video

Many hybrid HR teams are finding it hard to establish or maintain a company culture. Lunch and learns, swanky offices, and happy hours once told the story of your company culture for you, putting it into words that new and old employees can understand can be tricky. Video provides the opportunity to “show and tell” the best parts of your company culture. By sharing video clips, pictures, quotes, and memories of past culture-building events, you’re giving employees an authentic look into the company.

Video can also be a tool to constantly build company culture. Share specific pillars and perks of your company culture right from the beginning with “about us” and onboarding videos. Then, reinforce these values year-round by sharing video event invitations, celebrating employee anniversaries, sharing WFH tips, and more.

7. Company values video

More and more, employees want to know what drives their organizations. What mission and values serve as the road map and how can team members align their work with them? Company Values videos can be shared internally and externally to tell the world what fuels your fire.

8. Company policy video

Need help explaining the “why” behind new initiatives and policies? Make an impact with a video. Instead of asking employees to dig into lengthy documents outlining the policies, a video creates a story that your team will want to tune in to. You can include statistics, case studies, photos, and a voice-over message to help employees understand what the policy is and why you made it. Customize the Workplace Explainer template with all the details of your exciting new policies.

9. Employee spotlight video

Regularly engaging employees and celebrating their accomplishments is an important part of company culture. Not only does it make company cultures more positive, but it also makes them more productive. According to a study by Glassdoor, 81% of employees report they’re motivated to work harder when shown appreciation for their work. The Employee Anniversary template was made to celebrate work anniversaries but it could easily be customized to include their accomplishments too.

10. Company announcement video

Human resources teams are the face of the company internally. You are who employees turn to for information about upcoming changes, celebrations, and opportunities. While you could announce these changes via email, a video is more likely to engage and inspire your audience. Here are some situations (and accompanying templates) in which you can create a company announcement video:

  • Meeting Recap: Share the highlights of c-suite meetings or other events.
  • Trending News: Have new industry insights to share? This is the template for you.
  • Retirement Celebration: Celebrate the accomplishments of a soon-to-be retiree and send them well wishes with a video!
  • Employee Appreciation Day: Thank your teams for all their hard work with an employee appreciation day celebration!
  • Virtual Event Promo: Have an upcoming webinar or team-building event? Share the news with this template.

9 Tips to make your HR video effective

Now that you have some templates and video ideas to get you started, here are some tips to make your videos engage and inspire.

  • 1. Write a video script: Stay on track by following a video script.
  • 2. Keep your HR video simple: The simpler you can make your message, the more likely it is to stick.
  • 3. Make your HR video short: Make sure that your videos are short enough to fit into a busy workday.
  • 4. Make your HR video fun: Have fun with it! Using humor, gifs, colorful animation, and more will make your video more likely to be watched, shared, and remembered.
  • 5. Add background music: Music can help set the tone for announcements, no matter how serious or silly.
  • 6. Use visuals and text: Visuals appeal to many types of learners and make your message more digestible.
  • 7. Tell a story: Hook viewers in by sharing a story.
  • 8. Brand your HR video: Add your company logo, colors, and font to make your video distinct.
  • 9. Use real employees, not actors: Employees love to see themselves and their coworkers in videos.

How to make an HR video with Animoto

Creating and sharing videos might seem like a secondary item on your agenda. But with drag-and-drop video templates, you can make video an asset that will help you achieve other goals. Animoto has free video templates for almost any occasion inside and outside of the office. With licensed music tracks, stock images and videos, and customization features, you can create one-of-a-kind HR videos in minutes. Follow these four easy steps to start creating with Animoto:

1. Choose a video template: Choose from our hundreds of free video templates.

2. Upload your photos and video clips: Upload workplace-appropriate photos and videos then drag and drop them into your template.

3. Personalize your HR video: Utilize all the customization features that Animoto has to offer and truly make your video your own! Change the font and colors, add your logo, change the animations, and more.

4. Download and share your HR video: Start sharing your videos straight from Animoto! You can share them on social media, email the video link, or embed them in an email with the click of a button.