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How to use Saved Templates in Animoto: A Complete Guide

Eliza Talvola


Tired of making the same changes to your videos over and over again? Introducing a new tool to help you create more on-brand videos in half the time. With saved templates, you can turn your go-to videos into templates with your brand, logo, font, media, music, and more already in place.

Whether you have a favorite video already in mind or want to create a new template from square one, this guide will show you the way! Continue reading and learn how to create your own templates in a few easy steps.

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What’s included in Saved Templates

Saved templates are the complete package! Much like any Animoto template, they contain all the elements you need to create a professional, on-brand video in minutes. Once you create a saved template, all the elements in your video will be saved as a reusable template. Then, you can use it again and again to save you time and energy.

Saved templates include:

  • Brand colors
  • Fonts
  • Font colors
  • Logo
  • Music and/or voice-overs
  • Media including photos, illustrations, video clips, and screen captures
  • Text and media animations

How to use Saved Templates

Get ready to save time with saved templates!

Saved templates can be made from pre-existing videos that you want to turn into templates, or you can start fresh and create your own templates from scratch! If you already have a video in mind that you’d like to turn into a template, you can skip ahead to step 4. Otherwise, let's start creating a video from square one!

  • 1. First, create a video with one of our free templates. Or, follow the instructions in the video below to create a video from scratch.
  • 2. Apply your brand elements to make your video your own. You can change the font and colors, apply your logo, add a watermark, and more. You can also apply text animations and transitions that suit your brand and the vibe of your video. Or, save time by applying your Saved Brands so your brand colors, font, and logo are immediately added.

  • 3. Add your go-to media like screen recordings, team photos, intro and outro slides, and more. A good way to ensure that your videos are polished, professional, and on-brand is to include branded intros and outros in all your videos.

  • 4. Add copy that’s worth repeating. You can add headers or info you’d like to repeat and share again and again. Or, use placeholder copy that you can edit in future videos.

  • 5. Choose your soundtrack to set the tone for your video series. Just like fonts and colors, audio can be used as a branding tool! Add voice-overs, custom audio, and music tracks that will become tools in your branding toolkit.

  • 6. Option 1: Click the “Save” icon in your video workspace to save your video as a template. Or…

Save in builder

  • 6. Option 2: Continue to your video’s share page and click the “Save as template” button next to the “Edit video” button.

Save Template from Share Page

  • 7. Start creating with your saved template! Select your template from the “Saved Templates” tab next to the “My Videos” tab. Then, start your next video with your brand, logo, font, media, music, and more already in place!

Create Video from Saved Template

Free and Basic users can upgrade to access 3 saved templates with the Professional plan or 25 with the Professional Plus plan. Or, if you’re already a professional user, hit the “CREATE A TEMPLATE” button below to turn your go-to videos into templates!

Video ideas and templates to get you started

The beauty of saved templates is that they are uniquely tailored to you and the types of videos you make the most! Whether it’s event recaps, messages from the CEO, product promos, quarterly presentations, or more, you can create saved templates from whatever videos you like. Here are some ideas and free templates you can customize to get the ball rolling.

Video Promos

Video promotions are more likely to be seen and remembered than static promos. Prep yourself for a season of sales by creating a saved promo template! It’s the easiest way to stay on brand while scaling up for your video production.


Make it even easier to get the good word out about your business with a saved template! Just copy and paste in your latest raving reviews to easily share them with your audience.


Make sure you are set for your next all-hands meeting, quarterly recap, or social media announcement with a template. Once your template is locked and loaded with everything you need, it will only take minutes to share the latest updates.

Onboarding Videos

Keep your onboarding efforts smooth and consistent by creating a template with all your need-to-know information. By reusing this template, you can guarantee that every new employee is empowered with the information they need to succeed.


Take the effort out of creating presentations so you can focus on the delivery. Create stunning presentational videos and slideshows in half the time with your logo, contact info, and more already in place.

Real Estate Listings

Be the first to share new listings as they come on the market with your own template ready to go! Add your logo, font, colors, and more and then easily swap out the media with images of your newest properties.

Create your own templates

Animoto makes it easy to create your own videos in minutes with our professional templates. Now, you can get the best of both worlds by using our templates as a starting place and making them into your own unique saved templates! Upgrade to access this awesome new feature and start creating today!