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Sharing Videos on TV with AirPlay

Colyn Montgomery


Fact: Watching Animoto videos is awesome.
Fact: Sharing your Animoto videos on an iPhone/iPad/iPod is awesomer.
Fact: Showing your Animoto videos on a television screen from your iPhone/iPad/iPod is the awesomest.

Now that iOS 4.3 is out, Animoto videos on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch can now be played on your TV using an Apple TV and AirPlay. This works both for videos on accessed via the Safari browser for mobile or on our iPhone app. Airplay is a great way to show off your HD videos on your TV without messing with wires or a BluRay player!

To get started, make sure your iOS, Animoto app, and Apple TV all are updated to the latest version. If your Apple TV and your iOS device are on the same wireless network, the AirPlay icon should appear on the video player in the bottom-right corner. Tap the icon to bring up a list of AirPlay-connected devices on which you can play your video and choose the one you wish to stream the video on. That’s it!

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