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How to Make Cooking Videos in 5 Easy Steps


So, you've mastered your talents in the kitchen. Now you're wondering how to make cooking videos to share your skills with the world like Jenné Claiborne's Sweet Potato Soul.


We're hungry already - and we're here to help you make a cooking video

Cooking videos frequently take the internet by storm. People love learning new recipes and cooking hacks or just watching visually appealing cooking content. With some good filming techniques and excellent editing skills, you'll be able to join one of the most popular and growing internet trends.

Google reported that food channel subscriptions are constantly growing, and jumped 280% in just a year.

We've created this easy guide so you can make beautiful and engaging videos with the help of Animoto, the easy and simple online video editor.

You've got the cooking skills, and now you'll have the videography skills to become the internet's newest food creator.

The essential tools you'll need for great cooking videos

The first step to getting started with creating video content is gathering the right tools. Here's all the equipment you'll need to produce great cooking videos:

  • A camera. Whether you want to use an iPhone or more professional equipment will depend on your preference.
  • A tripod. If you're cooking on camera, chances are your hands will be busy. Invest in a tripod so you can focus on your skills and get steady shots.
  • A video lighting kit. You'd be surprised at how a little bit of lighting goes a long way.
  • A mic. Voice overs are popular with video content and they're helpful for tutorial videos. Plus, they make video editing super simple as you can record your script after you film.
  • A video editor. Once you've used the other tools to record your content, you're going to need easy software to put everything together and make your art. That's where Animoto comes in.

These five video recording tools are a great place to start. We promise you'll be impressed by the immediate boost they give your videos whether you spend a little or a lot.

How to create scrumptious cooking videos

You've got the passion and the tools, now we'll give you the video recording knowledge. Here are 5 tips for recording entertaining and informative videos:

1. Record with your preferred platform in mind

Long-form content works best for YouTube, and short-form performs well on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. This will also affect your video dimensions. Animoto makes it easy to create square, landscape, and vertical videos using any footage, so you can make it work for any or all of your social accounts.

2. Film an introduction for your video

Show the finished product, then cover the ingredients you're going to use, the tools you'll need, and what you prepped ahead of time.

3. Next, film every step throughout your recipe

You can always cut the footage you don't want to include once you start editing. Show helpful tips and tricks throughout your video. There's a reason Gordon Ramsay's video How to Finely Chop an Onion video has 24 million views on YouTube.

4. Record the serving of your dish ​

Transfer everything from pans to dishes, cut your pizza, plate your steak, whatever you need to do to leave a resonating image with your audience.

5. Film the finished product

Make your dish look as appetizing as possible for your money shot.

These are just the basic steps to recording an informative cooking video. Want to spice it up a little? Read on for our tips on how to make your cooking videos even tastier.

Tasty tips

Cooking videos are great because your content is naturally visually pleasing. Beautiful ingredients, intricate processes, and perfected techniques all work to capture your audience’s attention. You've got the basics for how to make cooking videos. Now, let's add a little flavor with unique angles and focus for cooking videos.​

Focus on visually-pleasing shots

Use beautiful ingredients and colorful cookware. Get creative and be unique.

Think of an exciting introduction

This is where you will sell your recipe or dish to your viewers. You want them to stay intrigued.

Get detailed shots that trigger the senses

These can make your viewers feel like they can taste your dish through their screens. Show the butter melting, film the garlic sizzling, let your viewers join you in your kitchen!

Do your cooking with care

Not only should your food look delicious, but your process should too.

Keep your concluding shot active

Garnish your dish, sprinkle salt and pepper, squeeze a lemon, do something to give viewers a feeling of conclusion.

Make it as delectable as possible

When you film your finished product, make it draw your viewers in for your next video. You can use stills from these shots to promote your videos, video thumbnails, and share on other platforms.

Keep one thing in mind when filming a tasty cooking video: the aesthetic. Visually creative content performs best, and attention to detail will not go unnoticed. Make your video as beautiful as your cooking.

How to edit irresistible cooking videos with Animoto

Now that you've recorded your video, it's time to edit it. Good editing can transform a cooking video from a simple tutorial to a piece of art.

Thankfully, Animoto is easy to use and has abundant features that can enhance your cooking videos. Watch this video for a guide to getting started with Animoto.

Pick a template from Animoto's template library

Animoto offers tons of time-saving templates]( so you can get a head start on your video. Take a look at a few of our cooking video templates:

Easily and quickly share your favorite recipe on social platforms like TikTok and Instagram Stories with this vertical template. Remember: you can always change your video’s aspect ratio once you start editing.

Use this template to create a how-to guide with clean text that’s easy to follow.

Stand out and attract viewers with this eye-catching split screen layout recipe template.

Drag and drop your recordings into the video builder

If you missed anything while filming, select media from Animoto's stock library to supplement your footage.

Customize your video with Animoto's design options

Upload your audio recording to use as the video's soundtrack. Change your layouts and adjust the ratio of your video to suit the platform where you'll upload it. Add text, and fully customize your content.

Export your video and upload it to your platforms

Creating great videos has never been easier than it is with Animoto. Now you have all the knowledge to share your recipes with the world. Planning to upload to YouTube? Here are some helpful tips.

Visual inspiration for your next cooking video

We've gone over the basics that you need to create your cooking video, but where to start? Tasty Recipes is known for making quick, helpful and visually pleasing videos. Check out their video for Loaded Cheese Stuffed Mashed Potato Balls for some inspiration.

We love this video for a few reasons. The simple shots and attractive editing are something a video creator of any level could master.

We love the use of close-up shots throughout the entire video. The Tasty Recipes team makes excellent use of editing and text on the screen. Their videos are always informative and entertaining at the same time.

Now is the best time to start making your cooking videos

You have your passion for cooking, and now you know how to make great cooking videos. Animoto makes it fun to share your love of cooking through carefully crafted videos–video editing couldn't be any easier.

So, get your tools, record your footage, edit it all together and press the upload button! You now know how to make cooking videos that will capture the attention of your hungry audiences.

Sign up for your free Animoto account today and watch your cooking videos become even tastier.

Cooking video FAQs

How to edit cooking videos

Editing cooking videos helps viewers get to the content they need quickly and easily. To edit a cooking video, use a beginner-friendly video editor like Animoto. Trim out any unnecessary pauses or breaks, add text to illustrate your recipes and instructions, choose music, and add a logo to make your video distinctive.

Are cooking videos popular on YouTube?

How-to videos, including cooking videos, are consistently among the most-watched videos on YouTube. Short and sweet cooking videos, like those popularized by Tasty, continue to grow in popularity across all social platforms.

How to film cooking videos

Cooking videos should be short, clear, and appetizing! Like any video, high-quality lighting, audio, and editing will make all the difference. Make sure that you use a variety of angles to showcase the ingredients, techniques, and final product. This blog has some tips for shooting an overhead video like they do in Tasty recipe videos.