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Now introducing: 1080p HD for Pro Customers


create 1080p video

1080p HD video has arrived for Animoto Pro customers!

Animoto Pro subscribers can download videos in 1080p directly to their computers.

You can then burn videos to Blu-ray, play them on your computer, or post them on sites like Vimeo. Best of all, it’s as easy to do as any other upgrade! Here’s how:

Upgrade to HD

On your video’s player page, navigate to the “More” category in the sidebar on the right and click “Upgrade to HD.”

1080p Upgrade

Once the video has rendered at 1080p, you can click on the blue “MP4” button next to the 1080p option. Your download will start immediately!

If you haven’t signed up for Animoto Pro yet, check out how pros are using Animoto for their businesses, studios or homes.