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Downloading Your Video

Lauren Colman


We’ve been asked a few times, “How do I download a video to my computer?” Maybe you need to burn your video to a disk or add it to a presentation. Look no further!

All Personal, Professional, and Business users can download the videos they create with Animoto. You can find the option to download your video on your video’s player page. This page also has options for sharing and exporting your video.

Step 1: Upgrade to HD

First things first — you’ll want to make sure you’ve upgraded your video to the best possible resolution. Click “Upgrade to HD” on the player page and then click the button of the resolution you’d like to upgrade to. Customers on our Personal plan an upgrade to 720p. Customers on our Business and Professional plans can upgrade to 1080p.

Upgrade to HD Animoto

Step 2: Download your video file

Once your video is created at HD resolution, simply click “Download” under OPTIONS in the lower right corner of the player page. Click to download an .MP4 file at the resolution you want. Note: If you want to burn your video to a DVD, you will need to download the .ISO file.

Download Animoto Video

To make sure you can locate it after downloading, note the specified download location. Typically the video will download to your Downloads or Desktop directory.

Once you’ve successfully downloaded your Animoto video, you can play it directly on your computer, or upload it to your website, social media, or anywhere you’d like! Check out the video below for a live preview of how to download your video:

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