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Uhh… Happy New Year!

Jason Hsiao

Happy New Year

Our Animoto video maker sure has come a long way.

Two years ago, we sat at a little wooden, wobbly table at the back corner of little hole-in-the-wall bar in the East Village and, with the aid of couple bottles of cheap Gekkeikan sake, scribbled up ideas for this video technology on a bunch of used napkins.  It was then that we decided to set out on the journey of figuring out how to make it work.

Good thing we didn’t have the foresight, wisdom, or general sanity to know how much work it would actually take, otherwise this all probably would have never happened.  Thanks Gekkeikan for giving us the false sense of confidence we needed to get started with this journey.

Two years later it seems you, our users, have vindicated our ridiculous judgement to quit our jobs and unlikely pursuit to start a company.  We’ve been running with our heads down so hard and so fast for so long that now when we take a moment to look up, blink really hard, and rub our eyes… it’s weird to surreal to realize that people are actually using this thing.  From napkin chicken scratch to reality, pretty crazy.  If only we still had those napkins, I’m pretty sure we could eBay them for at least $10 one day when we’re famous.  [Thanks in advance, Dad. You’re so the best.]

Since launching our site to the public four months ago, you’ve literally bombarded us with ten of thousands of emails. Originally, we thought we had a pretty sweet music video maker for bands and artists. We’ve since written with photographers showcasing their latest work; Facebook-fanatics crafting their own perfect “visual” profile; models and actors packaging their photo portfolios; football teams reliving their big win; snowboarders boasting the insane air from a jump; animal lovers that can’t stop sending us videos of their pets; online singles trying to score just one date; real estate brokers looking to outdo the competition; students impressing their teachers with their class presentation; illustrators injecting their art with some life; presentation givers needing to wake up their audience; party organizers promoting the next hot bar scene; car enthusiasts boasting their new rims; aspiring film writers telling ingenious short stories; memorbilia collectors showing off their collections; new parents proudly capturing how their kid is growing up, and even new age psychologists giving their clients new ways to visualize happy memories.

It’s because of these emails that we continue to love what we’re doing and work our butts off for you despite the loss of sleep and social life.  We thank you for all your words of support, encouragement, and reminders of what make this all cool.

We’re really looking forward to the new year with all of you.  In all honesty, we feel like we’re just getting started.  So… onto to 2008!  Another bottle of Gekkeikan, please.

Or feel free to make another Animoto video.