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Animoto Milestone: 10,000 Shots of Espresso

Jason Hsiao


Creating awesome videos requires a lot of fuel!

Honestly, we’re not sure whether to be proud or severely alarmed by this. But according to Gaggia Titanium — our espresso machine that we lovingly refer to as Lady Gaggia — we just pulled our 10,000th shot of espresso. (Mind you, that’s just the coffee consumed in our NYC office which only houses a portion of our company. And that’s on top of the numerous cases of Red Bull and soda we drink a week.)

Lady Gaggia Espresso Maker

We’d like to think of this milestone as a representation of our undying commitment to our Animoto users. Some may counter our use of the word “undying” though because apparently excess coffee consumption leads to high blood pressures, high cholesterol levels, gastrointestinal problems, iron deficiency anemia, and coronary artery disease. Fantastic. Nothing like a Wikipedia search to brighten your day.

Our investors will be pleased to know that our investment in Lady Gaggia has produced some great returns. We purchased the Gaggia Titanium for $1,199. We’ve spent about $2,100 on Intelligentsia Black Cat coffee beans. (~30 5lb bags @ $70 per bag ). If we actually bought coffee at Starbucks, it would probably cost ~$1/shot, which would equate to $10k. So we’ve saved ~$7,900, and we’ve had some great coffee. That’s an ROI of about 303% so far. Not bad.

We’d like to give a loving shout-out to both (they have the best prices on machines, they’ve helped us fix the Gaggia over the phone twice and they have incredible customer support) and Intelligentsia, which makes the best beans on earth.

What has all this caffeine been contributing to, you ask? When you see what we’ll be unveiling in the coming months, you’ll understand exactly why it’s been necessary to forgo sleep.

Okay. Back to the grind, everyone.

Let’s drink up that coffee and make more videos.