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What Instagram’s New IGTV Update Means For You


If you’re scrolling through Instagram today, you might notice the IGTV button missing from the homepage. That’s because Instagram has removed the button from its former home at the top of the main feed.


Does this mean IGTV is gone for good? Not at all! You can still access IGTV, and upload your content to the platform. The process just looks a little different. Here’s how.

Find IGTV through the Explore tab

The IGTV button on the top left corner of your Explore tab will take you directly to the IGTV feed. From here, you can browse or upload your video. Don’t forget to post a preview along with your video so that it’ll show up in your followers’ feeds.

Use the IGTV standalone app

You can also share content directly from the IGTV app. Simply open the app, and tap the + button on the bottom of the main feed to add your video.

Browse your uploads from your page

If you’ve uploaded a video to IGTV before, the IGTV button will show up on your profile page. From here, you can access your previous uploads, but to upload a brand new video you’ll need to choose one of the options above.

And that's all there is to it!

What is IGTV?

If you aren’t familiar, IGTV is Instagram’s home for long-form video content. You can learn more in our complete guide to IGTV.

Do you use IGTV for your business? How do you feel about Instagram removing the button? Leave a comment below!