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Tips for finding the right stock for your project

  • Find keywords that relate to your customers
    Imagine who you want as a customer, then write down a few of the words that you think relate to them. Go on and search using those keywords. Try words that relate to your target age or sex, their location, or pick style-related keywords like “punk” or “preppy.”
  • Think about the mood you want to create
    If you want your video to get noticed, start by focusing on emotion, since neutral videos aren’t as noticeable. Consider using keywords related to emotions, like “happy” or “angry,” or search for colors that’ll support the emotion you want to create. Check out our video on colors and how they can be used to convey emotion for more inspiration.
  • Consider your brand’s look
    What kind of business do you have? Is it edgy and modern? Bright and bold? Polished and professional? Think of adjectives that describe your brand and use them to refine your searches. This type of searching is especially helpful if you’ve got too many images and want to narrow down your choices.
  • Leave room for text
    A little white space can make it easier to balance your visuals with what you want to say. Search for “copy space,” “minimal,” or “simplicity” to find images or video clips that’ll give you words room to breath.
  • Choose realistic-looking images
    When you’re selecting the right image or video clip for your video, try to pick stock that looks realistic rather than staged. Stock content that feels candid and authentic will resonate more with your audience.

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