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With nearly 1 billion users on the platform, Instagram is becoming the go-to place for social media marketers. And video is emerging as the best way for brands to get noticed. With Animoto, you can create your own Instagram videos set to music with animated text and custom branding. Whether you’re looking to post ads or just build an organic following, it’s easy to make videos that set you apart and let you get noticed.

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DIY tutorials

Why tell people how to do something when you can show them? Show off your knowledge and become an authority in your niche with a quick step-by-step tutorial. Inspire viewers and encourage them to follow your lead—and your account.

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Testimonial video

Let past customers do the selling for you. Transform their glowing reviews into a video to share on Instagram. Just copy and paste their text into your video. Then add some product photos or video clips, your logo, produce, and upload.

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Product promo

Give your audience a quick preview of things to come. Turn bite-sized product storyboards into 15-second videos. Then create Instagram video ads that generate buzz and anticipation for new products while still leaving your audience wanting more.

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Instagram video best practices

  1. Add textAlthough 70% of users watch Instagram videos with the sound on, you don't want to miss out on the 30% who watch silently. Add text to your videos so that everyone can absorb your messaging. Use animated text effects and transitions to make your text pop.
  2. Think about the right length for your videoBoth long- and short-form content has a place on Instagram. You can use Instagram Stories for fast, effective messaging or post a longer video to IGTV.
  3. Share with StoriesWith IG Stories, you can post a new set of experiences for your viewers every 24 hours. Whether you're launching a new product or walking viewers step-by-step through a tutorial, there's no shortage of content to create. You can even post a Story ad with an option that lets users "swipe up" and visit your website.

Optimizing your IG videos

  1. Choose square over landscapeThe Instagram feed is designed for square, 1:1 aspect ratios, rather than content that's landscape. In fact, square videos take up 78% more space than landscape in most social feeds. Animoto makes it easy to switch from landscape to square with a simple, one-click "Ratio" button on the toolbar.
  2. Remember time limitsDepending on the type of Instagram video you creating, time limitations can be an important consideration. Instagram Story videos can't be longer than 15 seconds and regular Instagram feed videos should be under 60 seconds in length. When in doubt, preview your video in Animoto before publishing to Instagram.
  3. Put the focus on important textThink of an Instagram video as a short commercial. With only a few seconds to grab your audience's attention, you should use text that gets right to the point. Shoot for larger, shorter text, so viewers will understand what action you want them to take right away.

Top Instagram video marketing tips

  1. Use creative hashtagsHashtags are a quick way to boost engagement on any Instagram post. In addition to typing hashtags under your post description, you can place them as text within your actual video. This encourages users to post their own content using your hashtags.
  2. Determine a posting scheduleInstagram success is all about consistency. Set up a weekly posting schedule to let your audience know when to expect your content.This will boost your brand’s engagement and build excitement for upcoming posts.
  3. Cross-promote videosShare your Instagram videos in your other social channels. The 1:1 ratio works well for Facebook and Twitter, too, or you can create a 16:9, landscape version for YouTube. Animoto’s one-click aspect ratio tool will let you switch between video proportions in seconds, so you can share your favorite Instagram videos on multiple platforms, fast.

Case study

See how this beauty brand increased sales with video

Beauty ecommerce brand Click n Curl tried Animoto to make a video promoting their detachable brush styling tool for women. It didn’t take long to create their video tutorial, “6 Pro Tips for the Perfect Blowout at Home.”

Through their 40-second demo, Click n Curl gave their customers valuable content and differentiated themselves from similar brands advertising on Instagram. Their demonstration resulted in a 48% jump in Instagram ad sales and got the beauty brand attention from press, along with potential customers.




increase in sales

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How to make your own Instagram video with Animoto

  1. Select a storyboard template or start from scratch
  2. Upload photos and video clips or choose from our library of Getty Images stock
  3. Personalize by changing text, colors, and music and adding your logo
  4. Produce, download, and share to Instagram
How to make an Instagram video in 4 steps

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