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Everything You Need to Know About the Animoto Professional Plan

Eliza Talvola


Ready to step up your video-making game? The Animoto Professional plan might be right for you! As our most popular plan, Professional gives you a mix of advanced design and customization features.


In this post, we’ll discuss all things Animoto Professional, including the advanced features you’ll access and how to make the most of your subscription. Looking for something in particular? Feel free to jump ahead to any of the sections below:

What’s included with the Professional plan?

With your subscription to the Professional plan, you’ll have everything you need to create stunning videos, including advanced features that’ll level up all of your video projects. Let’s dive into all of the benefits of upgrading to a Professional plan.

Select stock library

With a Professional plan, you’ll have access to our Select stock library, saving you time and money while you search for the right visuals to complete your videos. Never worry about browsing expensive stock sites and paying per image or video clip again.

With Professional, you’ll have over 1 million commercially licensed Getty Images stock photos and videos at your fingertips without any additional fees.

Music library

It’s easy to tie your videos together with our library of licensed music. Sample over 3,000 tracks to find the right fit for your video, simplify your search with our genre and mood filters, and save your favorite tunes for easy application every time.

Professional users also have the ability to add up to eight songs to their videos to match the mood from start to finish.

The best part of our stock libraries? All of the images, clips, and songs included with the Professional plan are licensed, so you can post your videos without ever worrying about them being flagged or removed.

Font library

Upgrading to Professional also means upgrading your font library, jumping from the three standard fonts included with the Free plan to a comprehensive selection of over 40 fonts. Whether you’re seeking a simple and clean typeface for a professional video, or a fun and festive look for a celebratory slideshow, Professional offers a font for every occasion.

Add your branding & remove ours

Bring all of your videos on-brand by removing the Animoto branding and applying your own logo as a corner watermark on your entire video with one click when you upgrade. Even better, you can apply custom color swatches to your videos, so you can match your brand identity down to the hue.

Saved Brand

Speed up your video creation with a Saved Brand, your one-click customization shortcut to consistently bring every video on-brand with your logo, colors, and font. Select your brand preferences once, and we’ll save them in the Design tab for easy application on every video.


Create a personal connection with your audience using your voice. With Voice-over, you can easily record, upload, and edit, all within Animoto. Complement your on-screen visuals with vocal explanations in minutes with Voice-over.

Screen and webcam recording

With the Professional Plan, you can access simultaneous screen and webcam recording. This allows you to show your audience what they need to see and explain what they need to know, without room for interpretation or confusion. It’s the closest thing you can get to in-person communication!

License to resell your videos

With the Professional plan, you have the ability to sell your videos directly to your customers. If you’re a photographer looking to cleanly package a slideshow of all your photos for a client, this is for you. If you’re an agency, though, consider upgrading to the Professional Plus plan so you can speed up the video production process and sell your videos directly to other businesses.

Professional plan recap

To summarize, here’s a full list of everything you’ll get with your Professional plan subscription, in addition to the features that come with the Basic plans:

  • 1 million+ commercially licensed Getty Images stock photos & videos from our Select stock library
  • 3,000+ licensed music tracks
  • Up to 8 songs per video
  • 40+ professional fonts
  • Upload or record Voice-over
  • Record screen and webcam together
  • Add your logo as a corner watermark
  • Apply custom color swatches
  • One-click brand application with a Saved Brand
  • License to resell videos to consumers
  • All Free and Basic plan features, including:
    • Remove all Animoto branding from your videos
    • Unlimited video downloads
    • Export high-quality video (HD 1080p)
    • Unlimited video creation
    • Unlimited sharing to social media, email, and more
    • Access to over 160 customizable video templates

What videos can I make with my Animoto subscription?

The Professional plan is popular among small or midsize businesses, marketing professionals, and those who want to celebrate all of life’s moments with high-quality, professional videos.

Whether you’re a photographer creating a portfolio video for your site, a real estate agent promoting your listings online, a boutique owner showing off your collection on social, or anyone else looking to tell your story with video, the Professional plan has the tools to get you to the finish line.

To help you make the most of your subscription, here’s a quick rundown of the most popular occasions to create a video:

Small business needs

-Customer Onboarding Life events

Professional and academic events

The reasons to create a video are endless, and Animoto’s got you covered for them all with video templates, easily customizable for any occasion.

Read on for some of our most popular templates to get you started with your Professional subscription, or give them all a look now.

Which templates should I use?

While you’ll always have access to every template, we’ve compiled the top 5 most popular among Professional plan users. Check them all out and start customizing right away after you upgrade to Professional.

Bite-Sized Product Promo

The Bite-Sized Product Promo is our most popular template among small business owners, offering a quick and easy way to introduce your product or service to your customers. All you need are a few good photos or video clips of your offering, and you’re ready for your next social media post or ad.

New Launch Promo

Announce your latest launch with the New Launch Promo template, optimized for professional announcements on LinkedIn and beyond. Use this template to introduce a problem in your industry and lay out how your new launch helps solve it for your target audience.

Product Brand Story

Let your loyal customers know how your product line and brand identity are related in a Product Brand Story video. Use this template to share the history of your brand’s purpose and how your unique product offering fills a need in your industry.

Ad Funnel Series: Awareness, Consideration & Conversion

Help convert casual followers into loyal customers with our series of three templates for all stages of the ad funnel: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Use all three to create a cohesive video series designed to bring your customers through your ad funnel. Get started with the Ad Funnel: Awareness template to start converting followers into customers.

About Us

The About Us template helps to tell the story of your business, your organization, or any other group you’re involved with—just customize it with your specific information.

How much does the Professional plan cost?

Professional is our most popular plan for a reason; offering greater customization than the Basic plan with a lighter price tag than our more advanced Professional Plus plan. You can always see our current prices for all of our plans on our pricing page, but it’s important to note that you’ll always see savings up to 50% when you subscribe to an annual plan rather than a monthly one.

When should I upgrade to a Professional Plus plan?

Looking for even more video creation abilities than the Professional plan has to offer? We’ve got you covered with our Professional Plus plan. When you upgrade to a Professional Plus plan, you’ll keep all of the same features you enjoyed on Professional; plus:

  • License to resell your videos to businesses
  • 100 million+ commercially licensed Getty Images stock photos & videos from our Premium stock library
  • Bonus 30-minute consultation with a video expert
  • Multiple Saved Brands
  • Custom font upload
  • Accounts for up to 3 users with one payment

We recommend upgrading to an annual Professional Plus subscription if you’re working on a team of creators, if you’re running marketing campaigns for either one or multiple brands, or if you’re managing content at an agency.

Still have some questions about which plan is right for you? Reach out any time to talk to a member of our Customer Team. They’re always happy to help!

Upgrade to Professional now

Ready to start making even better videos with Professional? Upgrade today to start right away, or reach out to our Customer Team with any questions you still have about going Professional.