Upload Custom Fonts in Animoto: A Complete Guide

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Creating videos that match your brand identity is easy with Animoto and font upload. By uploading your business’s custom font, or finding a licensed font online that you’ll use consistently in your videos, you can amplify your brand recognition on your website, social media, and beyond. Even better, it just takes a minute to upload your first font and we’ll store it for you forever.

Exclusive to our Professional Plus plan, font upload allows you to bring the most custom elements of your brand identity to life, keeping your content consistent and on-brand every time.

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In this post, we’ll walk you through uploading your first custom font, finding your fonts in Animoto, and using your uploaded fonts in a Saved Brand. Let's jump right in.

How to upload a custom font

Follow along for a step-by-step walkthrough of uploading your first custom font, or watch this quick tutorial from our Chief Video Officer, Sally Sargood.

Step 1: Locate your font file

First, you’ll need to locate the font file on your computer. If your business has a custom font, or a downloaded font that you consistently use, it will likely be stored along with your logo and brand colors, both of which you can also apply to your video in one click using a Saved Brand.

Pro tip: Although it’s good to keep track of your brand assets, once you upload your font in Animoto, it’ll stay in your account forever, no need to track down this file for every video.

Animoto currently supports OTF (Open Type), TTF (True Type), and WOFF (Web Open Font Format) file types.

Step 2: Create a project in Animoto & open the Design tab

Once you’ve located your font file, create a new video project in Animoto or select an existing video you’d like to edit. Feel free to either start from one of our customizable video templates or start from scratch.

When you create a new project, you’ll see the option to apply a Saved Brand and upload photos and video clips. Feel free to skip these for now, you can always do these later on.

Now that you’ve opened your project, you’ll see a window similar to the one below. For this example, we started with the Bite-sized Product Intro template. Click on the Design tab in the top left corner to see your text and video customization tools.

step 2 start a project and select design

Step 3: Click the upload icon & select font

Under the Text Settings section in the Design tab, you’ll see our dropdown menu of 40+ professional fonts. Directly next to this, you’ll see the upload icon.

Step 3 click upload

Click this icon and navigate to the location of your desired font. Once you find it, select your file and click Open.

Step 3 pt 2 find file

Step 4: Add your font to a Saved Brand

To keep your all of your brand assets in one place, we’ll always ask you to upload your fonts to a Saved Brand. Not sure how Saved Brands can work for you? Check out our post on all the ways Saved Brands can simplify video creation for you.

Step 4 add to a saved brand

For our example, we’re uploading our font to an existing Saved Brand, but it’s simple to learn how to create a new Saved Brand.

Now, you should see your full Saved Brand with your logo, primary and accent colors, and custom font. If everything looks good, go ahead and click Save changes.

Step 4 pt 2 save changes

Step 5: Apply your font to your video

Once you save your changes, your font will be accessible in two places: In your selected Saved Brand and in your dropdown font menu. That means you can go back to your Text Settings, scroll through your fonts, and apply your font to your video in seconds.

Pro tip: Your uploaded fonts won’t be alphabetized along with the rest of our library. Instead, they’ll be right at the top for easy application each time. Here, you can click on your font to apply it on its own without the rest of your Saved Brand’s assets.

You’ll also be able to see which Saved Brand each font is saved to in the dropdown menu, so you can apply your entire brand in one click with confidence.

Step 5 apply your font, selector

The other option for applying your custom font is to simply click on the Saved Brand you uploaded it to and watch as your brand assets are applied to your video in real time.

gif apply saved brand with custom font

Step 6: Make final touches, export & share

Now that your font is set up in Animoto, feel free to make any edits and final touches to your video. Remember to add images and video clips from your computer or from our Getty Images stock library, add a track from our music library or upload your own licensed song, and test out all of our design settings, from text and video styles to filters.

Check out the final product of our video featuring a custom font:

Once you’re happy with your final product, export your video and share it with your customers on social media, your website, and beyond. We make it easy with simple sharing directly from Animoto to all of your social platforms.

Upload your first custom font today

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Still have some questions about uploading a font? Reach out to our Customer Team any time to get quick answers from a video pro.