Why You Need Animoto Pro for Your Business


Animoto Pro Video Styles

We have a product to fit any need. So when do you use Animoto Pro?

Our free version let’s you make 30 second videos with your clips and photos. Animoto Plus gives you full-length videos at a nominal cost. But Animoto Pro is on a whole other level.

Take your videos from personal to professional: more styles, no branding, high def, television.

Use Animoto Pro when you want to promote your business or create something of value you want to give or sell to your customers. For personal use, Animoto Pro is for creating keepsakes; when you want to have a video without branding that you can watch in high definition.

Here’s an example of how one of our customers, Game Repair, is using Animoto to tell their story.

Animoto Pro lets you take business video to the next level.

Our “pro” product let’s you create video from your clips and photos – just like always – and render them using our high-end professional styles and in high definition. Let’s say you have a business where capturing the customer experience could be turned into a video. Disneyland figured this out awhile ago when they snap your picture as you scream like a maniac going down Splash Mountain. Turning your customer’s experience into an Animoto video you can either sell or giveaway could be a powerful tool for your business.

Animoto Pro lets you download high definition versions of your videos with your website and messaging added so you can direct folks back to your website. The music you choose from our music library is licensed for you to use to market your business or sell (as part of the video) to your customers.

Animoto Pro creates keepsake video to last a lifetime.

With our high-end product, you can create full-length videos with music, photos, video clips and words that you can save forever in high definition without branding – making sure your personal memories are just that, personal. This is a very worthwhile investment if you have chronicled your wedding, the birth of a new baby, a first or 100th birthday celebration or family reunion. Burn the high definition video to a DVD and play the video on a television which works great for older viewers.

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