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Pro Photographers JB & DeEtte Sallee and Lori Nordstron Sign Us To Sponsor “Turn the Key” Tour

Becky Brooks


Wedding Photographers JB & DeEtte Sallee own the most decorated and award-winning studio in Texas. Portrait Photographer Lori Nordstrom is based out of Iowa.

They’re going on their “Turn the Key Tour” to teach photographers how to leverage photography slideshows and video marketing to successfully break into the industry.

With the sole purpose of helping photographers who are new to the industry or those who have been around for quite sometime and need to switch up how they do things, this tour will give you insight into the keys Lori, the Sallees and a special guest at each city use to run a successful and profitable studio.

Best of all, if you use code “Animoto” you get $20 off a $79 ticket. Take home with you a workbook, knowledge and empowerment to turn your love for photography into a successful studio.

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