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Top 20 Songs for Funeral Slideshows and Celebrations of Life

Eliza Talvola


Top 20 Songs for Funeral Slideshows and Celebrations of Life

Funeral slideshow videos are a beautiful way to honor and celebrate the lives of people you’ve lost. When words aren’t enough, you can use music and photos to say it all.

The soundtrack to your funeral slideshow will set the emotional tone of your video. Whether you’re hosting a more traditional funeral service or a lively celebration of life, we have the free templates and songs for funeral slideshows that will move any audience.

How to find the right song for funeral slideshows

You know your loved one better than anyone. Funeral slideshows give you the opportunity to create a tribute that honors their life, work, and personality.

When looking for the right song to play for your funeral slideshow, keep these tips in mind.

First and foremost, choose a song that evokes cherished memories and reflects the personality of your loved one. Uplifting and sentimental songs can create a sense of warmth, nostalgia, and celebration. More reflective pieces can evoke a sense of peaceful remembrance.

Consider incorporating music they enjoyed throughout their life, favorite artists, or even a song that holds special meaning to your relationship. You can even use multiple signs to accompany memories from different periods of their life. Just remember that copyright restrictions might apply, so explore some royalty-free music options like the ones below to ensure that your tribute video can live anywhere online.

Good funeral songs

Songs for funeral slideshows tend to be on the more calming and ambient side. They are used to amplify the emotions of your video without detracting from the photos and videos.

Here is a collection of ten beautiful and moving songs that are 100% license-free. You can access these songs by using this free funeral slideshow maker and browsing through the music library.

  • Nothing Hours (Instrumental) - Align In Time
  • Amazing Grace - Spring Libutti
  • 1 Winner - The Cullens
  • On Cloud Palace (Instrumental) - Laura Sullivan
  • Heaven (Acoustic) (Instrumental) - Jamie Green
  • A Day With You (Instrumental) - Looking Glass Symphony
  • All My Love (Instrumental) - The Icarus Account
  • Cherry Blossom (Instrumental) - Charlene Lockwood
  • Grace On A Train (Instrumental) - Jesse Terry
  • Hallelujah (Instrumental) - John Torres

Celebration of life songs

Finding the right celebration of life song for a slideshow can feel tricky. You don’t want to play anything too upbeat or celebratory, but you still want to have a lively and honorable celebration.

With these songs, you can strike the perfect balance. Each song takes the viewer on a journey through your loved one’s life – the high and the low. They can evoke powerful emotions and help portray the story of a life well-lived.

Use these songs to tell your loved one’s story. Then, add them to your own beautiful funeral slideshow video by using these free templates.

  • A Story of Love (Instrumental) - Dan Phillipson
  • All About Your Heart (Instrumental) - Mindy Gledhill
  • Another Time (Instrumental) - Dan Phillipson
  • Forever (Instrumental) - Roy Ashen
  • Falling Waters - Kent Marcum
  • Drops of Light (Instrumental) - Dan Phillipson
  • New Hearts (Instrumental) - Colin Whinnery
  • Skylines - Nikki Forova
  • Somewhere on The Other Side (Instrumental) - The Shakespeares
  • Beyond Tomorrow (Instrumental) - Minoria

Find beautiful songs for funeral slideshows in Animoto

Music is one of the most critical components of any video. For videos as special as funeral slideshows, you’ll want to pick a song that stands the test of time and beautifully embodies the spirit of your loved one.

Animoto has thousands of license-free music tracks across all genres and moods. Sign up for a free plan to access our funeral slideshow templates, then browse our music library by tempo, mood, and more to find the perfect tribute.