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30 Inspirational Graduation Quotes for Your Slideshow

Eliza Talvola


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It can be hard to know what to say on graduation day. Or maybe you’re the graduate and you need a personal message for a graduation ceremony, yearbook, or Instagram caption. If you need help thinking of a greeting for a card or video for a recent grad, we’re here to help. Take a look at our list of famous, funny, and heartfelt graduation quotes, then pick out the one that works best for your grad!

Famous graduation quotes

There are plenty of great quotes out there for grads looking to the future. Check out our list, featuring writers, entertainers, scientists, and activists.

  1. “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” —Nelson Mandela
  2. “Don’t be afraid—if you are afraid, you can’t move forward.” —Malala Yousafzai
  3. “Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.” —Nora Ephron
  4. “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” —E. E. Cummings
  5. “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” —Alan Kay
  6. “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” —Bruce Lee
  7. “I know that luck has a way of happening to people who shoot high, who never sell themselves short.” —Teri Teachout
  8. “What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul.” —Joseph Addison
  9. “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” —Oprah Winfrey
  10. “We don't stop going to school when we graduate.” —Carol Burnett

Funny graduation quotes

Earning a degree is seriously hard work, but your graduation message can be as silly as you’d like. Keep your graduation card or video light with these funny graduation sayings.

  1. The tassel is worth the hassle!
  2. I promise I won’t ask what you’re doing after graduation.
  3. Our condolences on the end of your school years.
  4. I can’t wait to hear them mispronounce your name at graduation.
  5. It’s amazing what hard work and a lot of coffee can do.
  6. You’re now hotter by one degree.
  7. Congrats on your new piece of paper!
  8. Don’t worry, school isn’t really over. You’ll always have your loans.
  9. You’re one smart cookie. (Be sure to include a picture of a cookie!)
  10. ConGRADulations

Heartfelt college and high school graduation quotes

If your grad is finishing their final year of high school or college, use one of these quotes to show them how proud and impressed you are with all they’ve accomplished.

  1. Congratulations! Your future is looking so bright!
  2. Dream big and just go for it.
  3. Ready to take on the world? Go get ‘em!
  4. Celebrate your accomplishments – you did it!
  5. Never stop learning and let that hunger guide you.
  6. All that hard work paid off. Now go celebrate!
  7. Caps off to you!
  8. The best is yet to come – congratulations!
  9. Be proud of this moment. You earned it!
  10. We’re so proud of you, our new graduate!

Whether your graduation will be celebrated in the school gym, at a family barbeque, or virtually, you can show a grad how proud you are with a personalized video. Consider creating a video like this one made by remote teachers who want to stay connected to their students. Don’t forget to share your graduation video with us below – we’d love to see it!