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11 Easy Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money for Charity: Online & In-Person

Eliza Talvola


Looking for a quick win for your charity? You couldn’t be in a better place! In this blog, we’ll break down 11 easy fundraising ideas for charity and nonprofits that you can put together with minimal resources. Some of these fundraising initiatives are tried and true favorites, but you’re sure to find some innovative ideas you can put into practice today.

Let’s dive in!

Online fundraising ideas

1. Engaging fundraising videos

Today, raising money for charity is done primarily online through crowdsourcing platforms and social media campaigns. These online campaigns are a crucial driver for donations that widens the scope of potential donors.

Need more convincing? The Jane Goodall Institute drove over 1000 mobile donations with one square video ad, and you can too!

This fundraising idea is at the very top of the list because it can be used with all of the great fundraising ideas below. And you don’t have to be a professional video editor! Just use a nonprofit video maker with templates like the one below and to create beautiful videos in minutes.

2. Virtual events and workshops

Virtual workshops are another easy and fun way to drum up donations. You can charge a flat fee to attend or offer sliding scale admission rates to make your event more inclusive. Just be sure to adequately market your online workshop using event promo videos, emails, flyers, and social posts.

If you’re on a time-crunch, your workshops don’t have to be complex. The most helpful part of the event is often the FAQ section! Here are a couple easy fundraising ideas to get the wheels turning.

  • For animal wellness causes: How to set up humane animal traps (demo + best practices), how to make shelters for wild animals, 3 ways to protect your pets from ticks, etc.
  • For environmental causes: How to identify invasive species in your garden, ten ways to cut down on plastic use, how to make a spotted lantern fly trap, etc.
  • For social causes: How to be an LGTBTQ+ ally in the workplace, how to make your workplace more accessible, how to make a resume, etc.
  • For any nonprofit or charity: How to get involved step by step, new volunteer onboarding, etc.

3. Digital Downloads

Digital downloads like e-books, guides, or digital art can be pretty quick and easy to make. And even better yet, they’re evergreen!

Create some sort of downloadable content, with proceeds going toward your cause. You can use the ideas from the virtual event section and turn them into worksheets or digital guides. You can use Google Docs or an online tool like this AI worksheet maker to easily create downloadable content. Or, turn your worksheet into a step by step tutorial video with these free video templates. All you have to do is copy and paste your content then add helpful visuals to create a professional how-to video.

4. Online raffles

Giveaways always perform well on social media because who doesn’t want free stuff? Following a similar model, you can use an online raffle to raise funds for your organization. Here’s how it works.

First, you need to either acquire some donated goods, find some merch, or offer a “gift card” for your services. Then, create a video to promote the raffle and your prize. You can charge a small fee for “tickets” to enter and even offer an extra entry when they share your video.

Once you get the post out, your raffle will snowball and reach an expansive audience. To announce the winner, you can make a live video or share the updates through a new social media post and email. It’s that easy!

5. Virtual Challenges

Organize a virtual challenge to drum up community support for your cause! You can create a fitness challenge, gaming marathon, art contest, or other unique challenge where participants raise funds through donations and sponsorships. For example, you could organize a virtual walk or run event where participants donate and register online and then track their progress using fitness apps.

To do this, all you need is a landing page and marketing materials to share the word and spread updates. Your core team or volunteers can kick off the challenge and then tag their friends and family and ask them to join in. Once you come up with the idea, it will spread like wildfire.


Thank you letters are a stronghold for nonprofits. While it might not be a revolutionary new fundraising idea, it can be extremely impactful. Look through your lists of previous donors and see who could use a little extra engagement. Consider emailing a custom thank you video, updates, success stories, and donation appeals to remind them of the impact their donations can truly make.

Be sure to include powerful calls to action and even webcam recordings to strengthen your relationship with existing donors. Here’s a free template you can use to make your own video in minutes:

7. Virtual Pet Show or Talent Show

Organize a virtual pet show or talent show where participants pay an “entry fee” and compete for prizes. The prizes can range from an honorary title, unofficial “mascot” for your organization, or free products. Have your audience vote or donate to support their favorites.

Offline fundraising ideas

Creating in-person fundraisers introduces a few more factors into the equation, but they don’t have to be any more difficult. These easy fundraising ideas can be whipped up in only a few days. And if you want to give them a boost, pair them with the online fundraising ideas above and promote them with a video!

8. Bake sales and bake-offs

There’s a good reason why bake sales are a staple fundraising idea. Who can resist delicious homemade goodies, right?

Bake sales and even craft shows are easy to organize since you just need some volunteered baked goods or art and a space to set up shop. You can even play up all the excitement by introducing a friendly competition to the mix! This gets your volunteers eager to show their stuff and bake their hearts out with a “bake off” and it entices visitors to buy more to compare and find the best of the bunch.

9. Casual community events

Community events like movie nights and game nights are fantastic for fundraising! They create a laid-back atmosphere for your volunteers and the local community to come together for a fun time. They require minimal setup and often utilize existing community spaces, making them convenient and cost-effective to organize.

And don’t forget the snacks! This is a great place to set up your bake sale or sell bulk candy and snacks to raise a little extra money,

10. Donation drives

Donation drives are awesome for fundraising because they require very little effort to organize and are affordable and approachable so anyone can make a difference. Whether it's gathering school supplies or canned goods, you’ll be helping out your community while bringing people together for a common cause. All you need is a few volunteers and places to set up donation sites.

11. Partnerships

Partnerships are the gift that keeps on giving. It's like having your favorite coffee shop or bookstore on your fundraising team - they bring in resources and customers, and you spread the word about their awesome products or services. Think local coffee shops, bakeries, and other family owned businesses.

You can cross-promote your fundraiser on each other’s platforms and host a raffle or event. Or, they may be willing to donate a certain percentage of each sale to your organization over a specific time period! Plus, many businesses are down to match donations, doubling the impact of your efforts and making fundraising feel like a community-wide celebration.

Pro tips for fundraising success

No matter which fundraising idea you bring to your organization, these basic tips will ensure that it’s a hit.

  • Promote, promote, promote: Utilize video, social media, email marketing, and local advertising to spread the word about your fundraising efforts. There’s no such thing as too much promotion!
  • Make it easy to donate: Provide multiple avenues for donation like online payments, cash, card, and check to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Offer incentives: Consider offering small rewards or recognition to donors to boost participation. This could include merch, plaques, and public recognition.
  • Track your results: Monitor the success of each fundraising idea to determine what resonates most with your supporters. Then, rinse and repeat!

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Good luck and happy video making!