Spotlight on Business: Promoting Book Sales with Animoto

Megan O'Neill


“A book trailer is a great chance for an author to tell her story using images and music with the same creative enthusiasm it took to write the book,” says Gail Storey, author of I Promise Not to Suffer: A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail. We got a chance to interview Gail, and found out how using Animoto to create a book trailer helped her to sell more books.

The book

Gail’s book tells the story of her adventures with her husband hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Gail tells us, “The Pacific Crest Trail climbs the mountains of California, Oregon, and Washington from the border of Mexico to Canada. We trudged twenty-plus miles a day across high desert, kicked steps up snow in the High Sierra, forded icy creeks, stumbled through lava fields, and walked through deep green forests.”

The trailer

“I longed to make a video that would combine the drama and hilarity of my adventures in I Promise Not to Suffer. But just as I had never hiked or camped before I set off with my husband, Porter, on the 2,667-mile Pacific Crest Trail, I didn’t have the technical expertise to make a professional book trailer. Enter Animoto! I admired Animoto videos I’d seen, but had no idea how user-friendly they are to make. They seamlessly allow for special effects that convey not just the story but the subtleties of feeling.”

The promotion

Gail told us, “I Promise Not to Suffer took on a life of its own after publication, and won the National Outdoor Book Award and others. It was so easy to take the first Animoto book trailer I made and update it to include the awards and features of the new printing.

“Uploading my book trailer to my website, blog, and all my social media, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Goodreads, Amazon Author Page, and my networking groups, has vastly expanded the audience for the book. I also show it at the beginning of my book-signings and presentations to give people a feel for the adventure. I’ve received more enthusiastic feedback for the book trailer than for any other element of book promotion.”

Visit Gail’s website to learn more about her story and her book, I Promise Not to Suffer.

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