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5 Easy Valentine’s Day Instagram Story Ideas

Megan O'Neill


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And there are a whole slew of ways you can use Instagram Stories to show a little love for your customers, drive sales for your business, and make your loved ones feel special.


We’ve got 5 ideas for Instagram Stories you can create this year for Valentine’s Day. Plus, we’ve included examples, made in minutes with the Animoto: Social Video Editor iOS app. Learn more about the app in the video below. Then, read on for the valentine Story ideas!

Idea #1: Promote a Valentine’s Day sale

If you're planning on having a Valentine's Day promo or sale, Instagram Stories is a great place to promote. Get your special sale in front of all your loyal customers and followers with a Story like the example below.


Idea #2: Show your customers some love

Love is in the air around Valentine’s Day. So the holiday provides a wonderful opportunity to show your customers some love! Create a quick Story giving a shout out to some of your most engaged customers. Don’t forget to tag them in the Story to encourage them to spread the word about your brand in their own Stories!

We’ve taken the work out of creating this type of Story with the Customer Call Out template in our iOS app. We used the template to create the following example.


Idea #3: Share gift ideas

Share one of your products or services as a gift idea, as in the example below. If you’ve got a lot of products or services that would make great Valentine gifts, create a multi-card Story that includes a whole list of gift ideas!


Idea #4: Drive last-minute sales

Try a last-minute flash sale to drive sales just before (or even on) Valentine’s Day. This example was created with our single-block New Post Teaser template.


Idea #5: Create a Valentine Story for your sweetheart

When you’re done making Stories for your business, why not make one for someone special too? Create a Story about your significant other, a friend, or a family member to share on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to tag them so they see it!

Our Happy Birthday! template will actually works quite well for Valentine Stories too. Check out a short clip below. Just swap out the images and update the text to say what makes your Valentine special.


How else will you be using Instagram Stories for Valentine’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re looking for a little extra inspiration, head over to the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook.