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How to Use Video to Enhance Sales Training and Improve Performance

Eliza Talvola


How to Use Video for Sales Enablement

In 2023, sales teams were among the leading video producers within their organizations, trailing just behind the marketing department. As sales teams became more and more distributed, providing timely and memorable trainings got even harder. Only about 37% of internal emails are actually read, meaning your message likely isn’t making it through. So instead of gathering teams in person or sending more forgettable emails, sales teams used video to streamline their training efforts and provide their teams with engaging and memorable content.

In this blog, we’ll show you:

The best part? There’s absolutely no equipment or experience needed! Just use the tips below and get started with this free training video maker.

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The power of video for sales training

Video stands out as the preferred communication method for many. The combination of visuals, sound, and interactive elements enhances the training environment, making it more effective and engaging than traditional methods. From beginning to end, you can confidently command attention, ensuring your teams are not just aligned but truly empowered.

Video also makes it much easier to deliver complex information in a digestible way. Many of the intricate concepts, product details, or sales techniques that you need to share with your team can be overwhelming through text or static presentations. With video, these topics can be brought to life through demonstrations and real-world examples. Learners can witness scenarios in action, making it easier to understand and apply these concepts in the field.

No matter how full their calendars are or how far away they may be, you can reach every member of your team with consistent and engaging content.

Creating training videos doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With a user-friendly video maker and your own custom templates, you can create a scalable training plan with videos to help your team sell faster and crush quotas.

Creating successful sales training videos

Information sharing is extremely important for sales teams. They all need to know what clients are looking for, what they respond to, and how they can reach them. With video, anyone can efficiently share information on the latest products, processes, and key updates.

Popular types of sales training videos include:

Crafting an impactful training video mirrors the steps you’d take to craft a compelling sales pitch. From a well-structured script to engaging storytelling, the key lies in conveying information concisely while maintaining the audience's attention. Here are the essential elements of high-quality sales training videos:


Clear and compelling script:

  • Develop a concise, well-organized script outlining key training points.
  • Use stories, real-world examples, and anecdotes to make your content relatable and applicable.
  • Provide clear and actionable next steps to propel your team forward.
  • Include an agenda and a summary to emphasize key learnings.
  • Use your script for voice-overs or webcam recordings to stay on track.

Engaging content:

  • Break down information into digestible segments with text, images, graphs, and video clips.
  • Tailor the format and style based on the audience's characteristics, like department, seniority, geographic location, product segment, and more.
  • Experiment with role-playing scenarios, screen recordings, case studies, and interactive elements.

Professional video production:

  • Ensure good natural lighting for a professional look.
  • Invest in decent audio equipment and use basic editing tools]( for enhanced flow.
  • Include brand elements like logos or color schemes for a professional touch.

Accessible recording tools:

  • Use readily available tools like smartphones, basic cameras, or webcams. This will make video creation more accessible to other members of your team.
  • Leverage screen recording for software demos, tutorials, and virtual training sessions.

Examples of engaging and effective sales training videos (and templates!)

So let’s see some of these best practices in action! Below are eleven examples of successful sales training videos. Below each video preview, you’ll see a button to customize the same template. Just click there and sign up for a free Animoto account to create your own personalized video in minutes.

Training videos and how-tos

This template is a great starting point for training videos of all kinds. It has a perfect balance of text and images to concisely and effectively educate your audience without overwhelming them.

For tutorials and trainings that require more visual examples, check out this template! You can use it to teach your sales team how to safely and confidently use all the products they’re selling.

This template is extremely versatile. It can be used to explain simple tasks such as setting up your laptops, navigating your CRM software, and more. Customize your video once then add it to your saved templates to easily create new tutorials with your brand, logo, and music already in place.


Instill confidence in your sales team by providing them with the knowledge and skills to effectively use and demonstrate the products they sell. Demo videos not only guide your team on product usage, it also teaches them how to showcase it to potential customers.

Similarly, this video is a great example of a demo for a digital product. You can record your screen and webcam simultaneously to show your team exactly where to go and what to do, while explaining it to them step by step and click by click.


Fast track your onboarding process by preparing new members with everything they need to know to get started! This personalized video shows new hires exactly what they need to do within their first days on the job. That way you can offer a consistent onboarding experience where new hires can work independently and you can spend more time on your other tasks.

Your sales team needs to thoroughly understand and believe in your unique value proposition before they can convey it to your customers. This video lays out your value props one by one so that your team can reference and fully understand what makes your company or product so useful.


Giving presentations can be difficult, especially when your teams’ calendars are full. Instead of waiting for everyone to get on the same page or in the same time zone, you can record and share a virtual presentation using screen and webcam recordings!

If anyone misses out on an important internal or external in-person meeting, you can get them all caught up with a recap video. These videos are easy to throw together and update so that your entire team stays up to speed and informed.

Team appreciation

Finally, don’t forget to say thanks to your team after a long quarter! This is a simple but powerful way to show your team your appreciation for them. Just add their photos and a personal message from you to make it hit home.

Integrating video into your sales training program

Ready to make the jump to training videos? Integrating video into your existing training curriculum is easy. One strategy is to leverage videos as pre-work assignments, offering participants an introduction to key concepts before formal training sessions. This primes them with foundational knowledge so they can focus on more interactive discussions and practical applications during the next session.

If you still want to train your teams in person, you can use video to re-engage and excite your audience. Demos and videos that show real-world scenarios can foster a much deeper understanding and skill acquisition than simply telling them about it.

You can also use videos post-training to make key takeaways stick! These videos can be watched again and again so your team can continue learning at their own pace.

Lastly, because videos are much easier to edit and tailor, you can create personalized feedback videos via webcam for each individual. This personalized approach not only makes your feedback more impactful, but it helps to form a deeper connection, reducing burnout and turnovers.

Measuring the impact of video sales training

Clearly, you’re no stranger to a little trial and error and optimization! The more you evaluate, the more opportunities you’ll find to edit your videos and better support your sales team. So once your videos are out in the world, check in and see how you can make them even better.

Employee engagement is a pivotal metric that gauges how effectively your videos capture the audience's attention and maintain interest. High engagement levels indicate that the content is resonating with your sales team.

Knowledge retention is equally essential, as it reflects the effectiveness of the training in imparting key information. You can measure your team’s knowledge retention through quizzes, assessments, or post-training evaluations to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Ultimately, this continual training and education will have a positive impact on your sales performance. Continue to monitor changes in conversion rates, deal closure timelines, and revenue post-training to see your program's impact on the bottom line. You can use surveys, interviews, or focus group discussions with sales representatives and managers to get more in-depth feedback.

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