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The Best Video Collaboration Tools: Animoto’s Saved Brands & Templates

Eliza Talvola


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It shouldn’t take two weeks to make a two-minute video. With Saved Brands and Templates, anyone can create on-brand videos for your business or nonprofit, faster than ever.

Say goodbye to tedious manual adjustments, endlessly searching for the right assets, and inconsistent or off-brand videos. With these tools at their fingertips, people who otherwise might not have had the confidence or resources to create videos can now do so with a few clicks.

In this blog, we’ll share some tips for using these two powerful video collaboration tools, including the kinds of videos you can make with them.

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Why you should use Saved Brands and Templates

With the Professional Plus Plan, Admins can create Saved Brands and Templates for your team, making it easier than ever to create consistently on-brand videos. Each of these tools help you to fast-track repetitive tasks in the video creation process. Let’s check them out.

Saved Brands are your one-click customization shortcut to consistently bring every video on-brand. Admins can create packages with your brand (or brands’) logo, font, and colors. Then, you and your team can apply them to any video in a single click.

No more manually changing each color of your video or inconsistently applying brand fonts. Just pick a template, create your brand, and watch each block adhere to your unique brand guidelines in an instant. By creating your own Saved Brands, you can feel confident that every video your team makes will always be on-brand.

How to apply a saved brand

Saved Templates take it one step further by allowing you to turn completed videos into reusable templates. Each template contains your message, layout, music, and media so anyone can create consistent videos again and again. They give your team a running start and enable you to create seamless videos with only a fraction of the work.

How to make a saved template

You can make any video into a Saved Template, but they’re especially useful for your the videos you make again and again like:

Both of these “one and done” features are available with the Professional Plus Plan. Explore the full list of features here!


There are lots of reasons to create multiple Saved Brands and Templates! Working with multiple clients or projects? With the Teams plan, you can create multiple Saved Brands that are ready to be applied with a single click. You can even create Saved Templates with your clients’ brand and message already in place so you can consistently and quickly create video series.

You can also use multiple Saved Brands and Templates for your own brand. Create a Saved Brand for a specific campaign, seasonal promo, internal video series (like trainings or announcements), or any other type of frequently-created video.


Save valuable time hunting down brand materials and creating similar videos from scratch and spend it creating more content videos. These tools make it easier for your multiple people to creator more videos faster. It sets your entire team up to stick to your posting schedule, meet or exceed client deliverables, and maintain an online presence.


Our templates are professionally designed to help spark inspiration and take the work out of creating videos. By applying your unique Saved Brand, you and your team can consistently and seamlessly make any template adhere to your brand.

Now, your team doesn’t have to wonder what’s on-brand and what’s not - just click a button to create an on-brand video, every time. By empowering different individuals and departments throughout your organization with these tools, you can build brand consistency, awareness, and recognition.


Creating visually-distinct campaigns within your brand guidelines is even easier with Saved Brands and Templates! Think internal training videos, promos, seasonal campaigns, webinars, and more. Just create your Saved Brands and Templates at the start of the campaign and create videos throughout your campaign with ease.

Videos you can make with Saved Brands and Templates

Saved Brands can be applied to virtually any campaign or type of video. Saved Templates make it easier to create a consistent video series to educate and entertain any audience. Take a look at some of the ways you can use these tools to scale up your video production!


Empower the subject matter experts across your organization to create on-brand training videos for all sorts of tasks! From marketing to customer support and engineering, anyone can create a professional training video that educates and informs teams across your business. Here are two templates you can use as a starting point and transform with your brand elements.


Have a Saved Template on deck and create professional flash sales and seasonal promo videos in minutes.


Keeping your audience informed and engaged has never been easier. Quickly create attention-worthy announcements and reminders that are on-brand and ready to share.


Transform pictures from client sessions, events, and more in a more engaging way–with a video! Just choose a slideshow template, apply your Saved Brand, and drag and drop your photos to create a video in minutes.

How to use Saved Brands

Creating your own Saved Brands is easy and quick. Your Team’s admins can create Saved Brands for their team of Producers to use. Here are the steps you can take to make them yourself:

  • Once you’ve created or opened a project in Animoto, click on the Design tab. Here, you’ll see the option to add a brand under “My Brands.”
  • After clicking on the plus sign to add your first brand, you’ll see the option to name your Saved Brand, upload your brand logo, select your primary and accent brand colors, and select or upload your brand font.
  • Finally, click “Create Brand” to close this window. Then, click on your new Saved Brand in the Design tab to apply it to your entire video project in real-time, including the addition of your logo as a corner watermark, all with just one click.

How to use Saved Templates

With Saved Templates, anyone can create videos that can be used by anyone on their team. Even people outside of your department can use your Saved Templates to create consistent videos in a matter of minutes. Saved Templates can be created from the videos you’ve already created, or you can start fresh with a new video. Here’s how to get going from there:

  • Create a video from scratch or from one of our free templates.
  • Apply your brand elements including fonts, colors, and logos.
    • Pro tip: Don't forget to choose text animations and transitions that suit your brand and the vibe of your video.
  • Add your go-to media like screen recordings, team photos, intro and outro video clips, and more.
    • Pro tip: Using branded intros and outros makes every video look polished, professional, and on-brand.
  • Add copy that’s worth repeating. Add headers or info you’d like to share again and again. Otherwise, use placeholder copy that you can edit in future videos.
  • Choose your soundtrack to set the tone for your video series. Voice-overs, custom audio uploads, and music tracks from our library are all fair game!
    • Pro tip: Make your video recognizable with a “theme song” or intro that plays in all your videos.
  • Click the “Save” icon in your video workspace to save it as a template. Or, you can click the “Save as template” button on your video’s share page.
  • To create a video from your saved template, select it from your “Saved Templates” in the tab next to the “My Videos” tab. Then, start creating with your brand, logo, font, media, music, and more already in place!

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