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Industry News Update: Making Better Video Ads for Mobile Viewing and More

Megan O'Neill


Since our last industry news roundup there’ve been some exciting developments in the world of online video. We’ve rounded them up, as usual, so you don’t have to! Some of the big ones include announcements that YouTube now has 1.5 billion logged in users every month and Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users. We’ll dive into those updates and more below!

But first — we wanted to let you know about our upcoming birthday. That’s right — we’re turning 10! We’ll be celebrating our birthday on August 10 and we’re counting down with 5 weeks of video ideas. You can learn more in the video below and head over to to join the celebration!

Want to Make Better Video Ads for Mobile? Here’s How: Facebook Business published a great blog post last week about making better video ads for mobile. They write that, “Mobile is one of the biggest phenomena in modern history, rivaled only by video. Combine the two, and you have a technological upheaval. People can watch anything, at any time—so they’re only going to watch videos that are immediately interesting and reward their time. If advertisers want to reach people, they need to earn their attention.”

Some of Facebook’s tips for creating the maximum impact on mobile include:

  • Capturing attention quickly
  • Designing videos for sound off (but delighting with sound on)
  • Experimenting to see what works
  • Testing, iterating, and learning

Want to put these tips in action? Check out Challenge #3 in our Social Video Marketing Bootcamp.

Updates from VidCon: more users, more products, more shows and much more: This year at VidCon, an annual online video conference, YouTube made a number of big announcements, including that they’ve crossed a major threshold: now 1.5 billion logged in viewers are visiting YouTube every single month. You can check out all of their announcements, which include a new sharing feature, a new app and desktop site design, and more, on the YouTube blog.

You can now save your Instagram live streams to replay for 24 hours: Ever gotten a push notification from Instagram letting you know a friend was going live, only to click through to find a message that the stream had ended? Instagram has now rolled out the option to allow your streams to replay for 24 hours.

64 Percent of Consumers Purchase After Watching Branded Social Content: Greg Jarboe of Tubular Insights shares some great insights (no pun intended!) about our recent survey, The State of Social Video 2017: Marketing in a Video-First World.

Two Billion People Coming Together on Facebook: Finally, last week Facebook announced that there are now 2 billion people connecting to Facebook every month.

Please let us know what you like about these updates and what you’d like to see more of! Just drop a comment below.