Export Your Photos from Zenfolio

Becky Brooks


If you’re a photographer who uses Zenfolio and Animoto, here’s a great timesaving tip that seamlessly allows you to export your images straight to Animoto from Zenfolio!

Making videos is now easier than ever.

Zenfolio allows you to select a batch of photos within Zenfolio that you’d like turned into an Animoto video. For a step-by-step guide about exporting your images to our site from either the Zenfolio’s Photo Actions Menu or the Photo Menu, you can check out Zenfolio’s help desk.

Another cool feature is that if your clients have shared with you a set of their favorite images, you can export just those favorites into a slideshow as well. Spend less time curating and re-uploading images with this enhanced workflow.

For those not yet familiar with all the wonders of Zenfolio…

Zenfolio is an affordable hosting company providing photographers with great-looking websites and sales tools.

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