Introduce Yourself to Your Class with Video

Eliza Talvola


It’s the start of a new school year. Soon you will be standing at the head of a room full of new faces. So instead of wearing out your voice with a long speech, introduce yourself with a fun, visually engaging video.

It doesn’t take long to put together a teacher biography for the first day of school, like the one above. Customize the Self-Introduction template using the tips below.

1. Share why you love your subject

Most teachers list what they do, but rarely share why it’s important to them. Let students know why you’re excited about what you teach, and it may help them feel excited, too.

2. Give your educational background

Maybe you attended the very school you are teaching at. Or, maybe you're an alumni at a school one of your students wants to attend. Share your educational journey to help inspire their own. You can even include pictures of that awesome haircut you had in college.

3. Get personal

Get to know your students on a personal level and build a sense of trust by sharing a bit about yourself. Family photos, images of your hobbies, or candid video clips from the holidays can welcome students in and give them a sense of your personality.

4. Show what you’ll do during the year

Your video can set the tone for the rest of the year. Students will enjoy seeing pictures and video of previous classes to get an idea of what’s in store. Include images of you with previous students and special projects. You can also throw in a few pictures of you hanging out with the school mascot or cheering on the football team to show your school pride.

5. Keep it about a minute long

Since you’ll want students to watch your video all the way through, try to make your video a minute or less. Research shows viewers are more likely to watch to the end if you keep your video under the 60-second mark.

6. Mix your media

Try to combine photos, video clips and text to tell your story and grab attention. If you can’t find the images you need, check our Getty Images library of stock photos and video clips.

7. Choose the right music

Use our music filters to find a genre you love or a song that matches the mood of your video. You can also upload your own licensed music if you have a special song in mind for your video.

Introduce yourself to your class

A teacher bio gives students a window into who you are and what they can expect in the coming year. It’s also a lot of fun to make and share. Whether teaching your students in person or in the remote classroom, you can connect with your students using video.