Animoto Impact Series: Boudoir Photographer, Jen Rozenbaum

Lauren Colman


*The Animoto Impact Series features photographers who include Animoto as part of their business and how the videos they create leave a lasting impact on their clients.

Jen Rozenbaum’s boudoir photography clients are often nervous before viewing their images for the first time. Animoto videos help Jen showcase their images in an impactful way that makes the sales viewing experience fun and calming for her clients.

One thing Jen does to make the entire experience more comfortable for her clients is to ask them a specific question before they get started. “Close your eyes. Imagine you are holding your final photos right now. What are three words you would use to describe them?” She then uses those three words in her slideshow to create an even bigger emotional reaction.

Animoto teamed up with Jen to create a video style called Vogue that you can use to create stylish and sophisticated slideshows of your images and video clips.

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