Photographing Summer Sports & Creating A Video Slideshow

Megan Etzel


School’s out and summer is officially here, so grab your goggles, jetskis, lifejackets, helmets, sandboards, hiking boots and your camera. Whether you’re with your family on summer vacation in the Grand Canyon, or entering an extreme surfing competition with new friends, we’ve got some tips on how to capture your adventures and turn them into a hot video.

We’re giving you all our best tips for making awesome summer sports video slideshows to share with your friends and family!

Summer Rafting

1. Get down, wet, and dirty!

So, you’re going white water rafting? Grab your waterproof camera so you can take awesome videos of your raft being wiped out by crashing waves, or of your friends about to jump from the cliff into the rapids below.

Water skiing or tubing? Have your friends and family take photos and video clips from the boat.

2. Action Shots

Summer Wakeboarding

Capturing a perfect action shot is like winning the lottery. To increase your chances of a great pic, increase the shutter speed so that the moving object has the minimal amount of exposure. (However, if you increase the shutter speed, you will need more light because the more time that the shutter is open, the more time the moving object is exposed.)

Also, take TONS of photos – more than you would need, because you never know what you might miss! Anticipate the next move if it’s a game like soccer or baseball – hold your camera on the receiver and get it the moment they catch a ball. You can always delete them later at home. Many new digital cameras have an action mode or sports function which automatically increases shutter speed to capture the moving object and help unblur images.

3. Style Recommendations

Animoto Original

– Classic. Simple.


– Great for a whitewater rafting, cliff diving, tubing, or waterskiing adventure!


– Go ahead and use this for skydiving, or a helicopter ride over the volcano in Hawaii.


– Show the blazing heat of your camel ride or sandboarding gig.

4. Share, Share, Share!

You may have casually forgot to mention to your mother about your first skydiving or bungee jumping experience (hey, we don’t blame you), so send her a video letting know you survived and that it was an amazing experience. More importantly, show everyone else! You jumped out of a plane, scaled a mountain, and survived those rough waters, and lived to tell the story. Share on Facebook, your blog, or in your kitchen!

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