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Resell Your Videos to Other Businesses with Reseller!

Megan Etzel


With Animoto, you can’t resell your videos to other businesses… until now. Introducing Reseller – an account type that gives you license to create unlimited videos for B2B sales.

Sell your full-length, high definition videos to other businesses with an Animoto Reseller account. Wow your clients with their own custom video and increase your profits as a marketer in minutes. Give your clients better product exposure, search rankings, and site traffic with downloadable, sharable videos that will boost their (and your) bottom line.

Do I need to sign up for Reseller?

If you’d like to resell videos to other businesses, you must have a Reseller account. Only Reseller account holders may resell or distribute videos to other businesses.  If you don’t intend to resell videos to other businesses, you don’t need a Reseller account.

How much does it cost?

A Reseller account costs $499/year. With that, you can create an unlimited number of videos for as many businesses as you’d like.

Can I continue to resell to individuals with my Pro account?

Yes.  Animoto Pro allows you to sell to individuals for their personal use.  It does not permit you to resell to businesses. The TOS for the Pro account aren’t affected by the introduction of Reseller. (Please note – only Pro and Reseller accounts are licensed to sell videos. Plus and Lite accounts are not.)

I don’t enjoy detailed legal documents. Where can I find more information?

Check out our Reseller FAQs on our Helpdesk.

I do enjoy detailed legal documents! Where can I find the full TOS?

Check out our complete Terms of Service.