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Everything You Need to Know About the Animoto Basic Plan

Kari Livesay


Love the Animoto Free plan but looking for a way to further personalize your videos? Access more features and make videos uniquely yours by removing the Animoto logo when you upgrade to the Animoto Basic plan.

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In this post, we’ll answer common questions about the Animoto Basic plan, including:

What’s included in the Animoto Basic plan?

With our Basic plan, you’ll have the tools necessary to remove the Animoto watermark and further customize high quality videos with unlimited downloads.

Keep reading for all the features you’ll receive when you upgrade to Basic.

Remove Animoto branding

Make everything from happy birthday greetings and congratulatory messages to product promos and real estate listings wholly yours by removing the Animoto watermark when you upgrade to the Basic plan.

High quality video

Whether you’re aiming for a professional presence on your company’s social accounts or want to wow your family, friends, and followers with personalized videos for every occasion, high quality video exporting makes all the difference. Boost the appearance of your videos from 720p to HD 1080p HD quality on every download and share.

Unlimited downloads

With unlimited downloads, you can download every video you make and upload it wherever you’d like. Whether you want to master the algorithm and post a video per day or slow it down and save your videos for special occasions, the Basic plan can accommodate your needs/

Basic plan recap

To summarize, here’s a list of everything you’ll get with your Basic plan, in addition to all of the standard features that come with our Free plan:

  • No Animoto branding on your videos
  • High quality video (HD 1080p)
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited video creation
  • Unlimited sharing to social media, email, and more
  • Access to over 160 customizable video templates
  • 50 music tracks
  • 3 standard fonts
  • 30 color swatches
  • Limited access to our Getty Images stock library

How much does the Animoto Basic plan cost?

Our Basic plan is a budget-friendly way to get the features you need to further customize your videos. You can always see our current prices for all of our plans on our pricing page, but it’s important to note that you’ll always see savings up to 50% when you subscribe to an annual plan rather than a monthly one.

Which templates should I use?

While you can choose any of our templates, we’ve compiled some options that are especially popular with small business owners and content creators. Take a look and start personalizing them after upgrading to Basic.

Technical Tutorial

Help employees quickly and easily tackle more complex tasks with our Technical Tutorial template. Instead of having to explain something multiple times, you can simply record your tutorial video once and share it with your team, who can access it any time.

Welcome to the Company

Let employees know about their newest colleague with our Welcome to the Company template. Personalize your video with your new employee’s headshot, share what tasks they’ll be taking on, and note which team they’ll be joining.

Employee Anniversary

Your employees are the backbone of your organization. Show them extra appreciation and thank them for their dedication to your business with our Employee Anniversary template.

Just Dropped

Keep customers in the loop on your latest offerings with our Just Dropped template. You can also customize it to tease your latest YouTube video, brand collabs, and more.

Employee Onboarding

Make onboarding new team members easier with our Employee Onboarding template. Include the basics like how they can access their benefits, then customize the text to fit each new hire's role.

When should I upgrade to the Animoto Professional plan?

Still looking for more advanced features to up your video creation game? We recommend upgrading to a Professional account if you’re a small to midsize business owner, photographer, or marketing professional looking for a more robust set of tools to generate greater brand awareness and further promote your business or clients’ businesses.

Here’s what you’ll get in addition to all Basic features when you upgrade to Professional:

  • Add your logo watermark and brand colors
  • License to resell your video to consumers
  • 1 million+ commercially licensed Getty Images stock photos & videos from our Select stock library
  • One-click brand application with a Saved Brand
  • 3,000+ licensed music tracks
  • 40+ professional fonts

Still not sure which plan is right for you? A member from our Customer Team would be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Upgrade to Animoto Basic now

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